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Surname Magoon - Meaning and Origin

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Magoon: What does the surname Magoon mean?

The last name Magoon is said to originate from the Gaelic Mag Dhuinn which translates to “son of the dark one” or “dark haired”. The Magoon surname is found mainly in Ireland and can be most accurately associated with Counties Tyrone, Westmeath, and Longford.

In Ireland, the Magoon family served as a powerful clan of warriors for many years, and were respected and admired for their courage. They are believed to be descended from a druid priest and are noted in ancient chronicles as valiantly defending their land from invaders.

The Magoon surname spread along with its bearers during the Scottish-Irish Diaspora. Possibly its most famous bearer is John Magoon, a ship captain of Scottish-Irish ancestry who immigrated to America in the early 1600s to aid in the colonization of the New World.

The Magoon family legacy lives on today as the bearers of the surname continue to honor their ancestry with pride and dignity. They often look to their family history for inspiration and guidance as they strive to build a better world for themselves and their descendants. The strength and resilience of the Magoon family is well documented throughout history and will continue to serve as an example of courage and tenacity for generations to come.

Magoon: Where does the name Magoon come from?

The surname Magoon is believed to have originated in Northern Ireland, where it might have been derived from the Gaelic Mac Ógún ("son of Ógún"). Today, the Magoon surname is still found mostly in Northern Ireland, particularly in counties Antrim, Down, and Londonderry.

Outside of Northern Ireland, the Magoon surname can also be found in some parts of Canada, England, Scotland, and the United States. In Canada, the Magoon surname is primarily concentrated in New Brunswick, where many of the earliest known Magoon immigrants settled in the early 19th century.

In the USA, the surname Magoon is found most commonly in the Northeastern states of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. It is believed that the first Magoon to come to the USA was Peter Magoon, who emigrated from Belfast, Ireland to Connecticut in 1860.

It has also been suggested that the Magoon surname may be a variant of "McGinn", which is a mostly Scottish family name. It should be noted that the earliest records of the Magoon surname have not been found in Scotland, which suggests that the Magoon name may have originated independently from the McGinn name in Ireland.

Overall, the surname Magoon can be found today primarily in Northern Ireland as well as in some parts of Canada, England, Scotland, and the United States.

Variations of the surname Magoon

The Magoon surname has a number of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Magoon, Magouin(e), Magon, Magun, Magoun(e), Magouen, Magown, Magoune, Magoin, Magen, Magoonne, Mageon, Magn(e) and Maegnon.

Magoon is thought to be derived from the Scottish Gaelic surname MacGiomhain or the Old Irish MacNaghten, both of which mean ‘son of the servant of St. John’. This suggests that the origin of the Magoon surname may be from a Christian family.

The Magoon surname was likely first found in Scotland and Ireland, where early examples of the name include John McIon of Mortlach who appeared in a document in 1459, and Elizabeth MacGhon in 1684 in the Sasines Register of Elgin, Scotland. In England, the surname first appeared in the form of Mathew Magowne in the 1327 Subsidy Rolls of Somerset.

The variant MacGouin has branches in Scotland, Ireland, France and North America. In North America, Magoon is mainly found in New England states. Other variants of the name appear mainly in Scotland and Ireland along with records in England, France, Switzerland and Canada.

Today, the Magoon surname is most widespread in Ireland, Scotland and Canada. There is also large concentration in the United States.

The spelling of the Magoon surname has been known to change over time. For example, the surname may change from ‘Mag’ to ‘Mc’. The spelling could also become Magowan, which is an English derivative of the name.

In summary, the Magoon surname has a number of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, which likely include Magoon, Magouin(e), Magon, Magun, Magoun(e), Magouen, Magown, Magoune, Magoin, Magen, Magoonne, Mageon, Magn(e) and Maegnon. There is evidence of the surname in Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Switzerland and Canada, while the main countries it can be found in today are Ireland, Scotland and Canada.

Famous people with the name Magoon

  • William Wallace Crapo Magoon: American lawyer and diplomat
  • Don Magoon: American businessman, investor and philanthropist
  • John William Magoon: American lawyer, judge, and diplomat
  • S. Mills Magoon: American newspaper publisher and editor
  • Thomas M. Magoon: American attorney and mayor of Los Angeles
  • Walter Magoon: American comedian and ventriloquist
  • Thomas Magoon: American engineer and entrepreneur
  • Harrison Wales Magoon: American lawyer, judge, and professor
  • Ezra Magoon: American pastor and missionary
  • William Magoon: American politician and mayor of Boston
  • Thomas Magoon Jr.: American composer and conductor
  • William F. Magoon: American businessman, investor and philanthropist
  • Mary Magoon: American aviator and pilot
  • Henry Magoon: American clergyman and philanthropist
  • Robert Magoon: American businessman and philanthropist
  • Augustus Magoon: American politician, soldier, and minister
  • Allen Magoon: American businessman and politician
  • Cleon Magoon: American actor
  • Charles Magoon: American lawyer and politician
  • Gary Magoon: American actor, director, and producer

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