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Surname Makota - Meaning and Origin

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Makota: What does the surname Makota mean?

Makota is a surname of Japanese origin, deriving from the word ‘maki’ which means ‘roll’. In Japanese, the surname is most commonly written as 巻田, although it can also include various other Kanji characters. The meaning of the name is believed to signify one who ‘rolls’ or ‘reels’ – either literally or metaphorically – such as an eyelash curler or a hair roller.

In terms of its origin, Makota is thought to have developed within a period when feudal nobility among the Japanese people was at its peak, and it is believed by some historians that the root of the surname can be linked back to the Uesugi clan – one of the most powerful clans throughout the Sengoku period.

It is thought that the surname was inherited by descendents of the Uesugi family and is a symbol of honour and respect among its bearers. This is due to the fact that Makota was a hereditary title of the Uesugi family, distinguishing its members from their commoner counterparts.

Today the Makota name can be found in different areas throughout Japan, though primarily it is associated with those born in the Kanto region and the central region of the state of Nagano. As a much-respected surname, Makota is the name of many notable Japanese individuals including writers, historians and politicians.

Makota: Where does the name Makota come from?

The Makota surname is most commonly found in central and eastern African countries, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Makota surname is believed to originate in a region known as the Great Lakes of Africa, which is located in the northeastern part of the continent.

The Makota surname is linked with the Bantu language family. The prefix “ma-” is often used to mean “owner of” in Bantu languages. This prefix, coupled with the suffix "-kota" is thought to indicate that one of the people who first carried the Makota surname was an owner of some sort of small holding. Other meanings of the name include "the one who loves knowledge" or "the one who is smart," which is likely an indication of a learned ancestor, as education has long been valued in many African cultures.

Recent studies have identified tens of thousands people who carry the Makota surname, and due to African migration, Makota people have now spread out to many parts of the world. While the Makota surname is very common in Africa, it is not especially common in the United States, where only a few hundred people of that lineage live. It is more common in other parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Australia.

Variations of the surname Makota

Makota is an ethnic surname that is usually of Filipino origin and can be traced back to the regions of the Philippines. It is derived from Makatas, which is an ancient Filipino tribe. This surname is also common among people of Spanish and Portuguese descent.

Variants of Makota include Makota, Makatas, Makate, Makatte, Makates, Makatos, Makottas, Makotas, Makotts, Mokata, and Macota. All of these variants have the same origin and pertain to the Makatas tribal or cultural heritage.

Spelling variations of the surname Makota include Makata, Makatae, Makatai, Makatay, Makate, Makatei, Makatie, Makato, Makatoe, Makatou, Makatoy, Makatu, Makatue, Makatui, Makatuy, and Makotay.

Surnames of the same origin as Makota include Magat, Bonifacio, Polintan, Fraijo, Padua, Bienvenido, Baguio, Cadano, Balmaceda, Catama, Cordero, Loyola, Ramos, Santo, Serrano, and Delos Santos.

Makota is an uncommon surname, but its variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin provide insight to its rich and diverse roots. The surname is associated with the proud legacy of the Makatas tribe, as well as people of Spanish and Portuguese descent, reflecting the history of ethnicity and culture within the Philippine Islands.

Famous people with the name Makota

1.Genson Makota Mazambe, former Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of Congo 2.Jordan Makota, professional ice hockey player 3.Gail Makota, fashion designer and hairstylist 4.Ford Makota, professional golfer 5.Samuel Makota, South African singer 6.Felix Makota, senior lecturer at Bukavu University 7.Ivan Makota, professional soccer player 8.Mariam Makota, curator at The National Gallery of Zimbabwe 9.Marcos Makota, lawyer and former mayor of Calgary 10.Neo Makota, South African multi-instrumentalist and producer

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