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Surname Mallinjoud - Meaning and Origin

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Mallinjoud: What does the surname Mallinjoud mean?

The last name Mallinjoud originates in the Mediterranean region, particularly the Provençal region of modern-day France. It is thought to have originated in the Middle Ages when Provençal was still spoken as a distinct language in the region. The name Mallinjoud is believed to be derived from two Provençal words ‘malin’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘joud’ meaning ‘judge’ or ‘referee’. Therefore, the literal meaning of the surname Mallinjoud can be interpreted as a ‘good judge’ or a ‘fair arbiter’.

The Mallinjoud surname is quite rare, but it is found among those of Provençal descent and could also be found among the Jewish communities who had once lived in southern France. It is possible that members of both groups carried the Mallinjoud surname.

The surname Mallinjoud has a certain significance that can be interpreted as a symbol of fairness and justice. It speaks of a long history of homes, communities, and people in the Provençal and Jewish regions who valued fairness and justice, and to this day, those who bear the surname Mallinjoud can take pride in their ancestral origins.

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Mallinjoud: Where does the name Mallinjoud come from?

The last name Mallinjoud is believed to have originated in France. Today, it is most common in South America, particularly in Bolivia and Peru, where the majority of Mallinjoud families are found. The surname is also quite common in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.

In Europe, Mallinjoud is found primarily in France, though it is not particularly common. It is thought that much of the population of Mallinjoud in Europe emigrated from South America. In addition to France, Mallinjoud can be found in small numbers in Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

In the United States, the surname Mallinjoud is more difficult to find. There are few individuals with the surname living in the United States, though there is a small population in Florida. It is likely that this population is descended from Mallinjoud who emigrated in the 19th century or early 20th century.

In general, Mallinjoud is not a particularly common last name. Its roots in South America have led to a population concentrated in that region. However, there are some small pockets of Mallinjoud families across Europe and the United States, no doubt descended from immigrants in preceding centuries.

Variations of the surname Mallinjoud

Mallinjoud is a surname of French origin and comes from the word "Malinjot", which was derived from "the youngest child". Variants of the name can include Mallinjot, Malinjot, Mallinjaud, Malinjaud, Malijoud, and Maylinjoud, depending on the region in which the surname originates.

The Mallinjoud surname is most commonly spelled in the north of France. In the south, however, Malinjoud is the more commonly seen spelling. Variants of the name may also include Mallinjoulde, Mallenjoud, Mallenjot, Maylingott, and even Malinojot in some parts of France.

Other spellings of the surname have been spotted internationally, in countries such as Canada and the United States. In the US the Mallinjoud surname can be seen spelled as Mallenjoud, Mallonjot, Malinjoud, Malinojot, Mallinjot, Mallenjot, Mallonjoud, Maylingot, and Maidenjoud.

The surname Mallinjoud may have also evolved into other surnames. For example, the Mallinjoud name can be found spelled as Malinjoud, Maloine, Mailloux, Malinene, Malinette, and Mallingne. Furthermore, other surnames with the same origin as Mallinjoud include Mailenjoud, Mallineau, Mallinne, Mayheon, and Malleneu.

Famous people with the name Mallinjoud

  • Jennifer Mallinjoud: Former French television presenter and radio producer and former press attaché for the French Embassy in the UK.
  • Stéphanie Mallinjoud: French film director, producer, and journalist.
  • Gaspar Mallinjoud: French graphic designer and illustrator.
  • Gino Mallinjoud: Former French Olympic weightlifter.
  • Jean Mallinjoud: French sprint canoeist who has competed in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
  • Marietta Mallinjoud: French politician.
  • Remy Mallinjoud: Physician and professor of medicine.
  • Guillaume Mallinjoud: French actor and comedian.
  • Frédéric Mallinjoud: French rugby union player.
  • Théophile Mallinjoud: French Catholic priest.

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