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Surname Mantooth - Meaning and Origin

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Mantooth: What does the surname Mantooth mean?

The last name Mantooth is derived from the Old French "manteu," which means "mantle" in English. The use of this name as a surname most likely originated from one of two sources. First, a family member may have been a tailor who made mantles. Second, it may refer to the fabric of such clothing; name “manttles” was the term for various kinds of cloth, including blankets and hoods, worn in medieval times.

In some instances, the last name Mantooth may also have a different, more archaic meaning. In Scotland, the name is thought to have derived from the Gaelic "manachadh," which denotes someone living on the machair, or plains along the shores of the Hebrides and the Isle of Man.

Mantooth was relatively uncommon until the 1900s, when records show more people using the name as a surname throughout Britain and America. Today, the last name Mantooth is mostly associated with families hailing from Scotland, England, Holland and Wales. In the United States, the last name is found mainly in the southern states, particularly Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. Those with the last name Mantooth continue to be strongly linked to their heritage and fellowship of the mantles of the past.

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Mantooth: Where does the name Mantooth come from?

The last name Mantooth is an uncommon name today, although it was once more widespread. Records show that it was originally an Irish last name that was eventually brought to America and adopted by many people in different regions. Today, it is most commonly found in small towns and rural communities, particularly in the Midwest and South.

It also appears to be concentrated in Texas, among the Southern states, than in other parts of the country. Although the name is not as widespread as it once was, the Mantooth family is still highly regarded in their respective communities. They boast large extended families, often with many generations living in the same area.

In many places around the US, people with the last name Mantooth are known for their generous and community-minded nature. They have been known to hold community events such as barbecues, potlucks, and even benefit concerts. The name Mantooth is often associated with old-fashioned values, including hard work, respect for elders, and an emphasis on family.

Overall, the last name Mantooth is still in existence today, although it is more concentrated in the Midwest and South. It is a proud and highly regarded name, with strong ties to old-fashioned values, and a close-knit community.

Variations of the surname Mantooth

The surname Mantooth is one of the many spellings of the old English name Mayne-tooth, which means “man tooth”. This surname is derived from the Old English name Maign-totun, which means “farm by the spring”. Variants of the name Mantooth include many spellings including Main-tooth, Manntooth, Manntooth, Mantioth, Manntuth, Mantuth, Mantow, Manteeth and Mantooth.

Surnames of the same origin can include the spellings Maigne-toot, Mayne-toot, Maign-thytte, Main-toot, Maign-totty, Mayntooth, Mayntotty and Maiyn-tot. Other variants such as Mayntull, Maintell, Mayntul and Mainthille are also derived from the same root.

The surname Mantooth is of English origin and is most common in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. It is also found throughout Europe in countries such as France, Germany, and Poland. It is also commonly found in India.

The surname Mantooth can also be found in some Jewish families who used the name as an Anglicized version of their original Hebrew surname. Similarly, members of the French Huguenot religious minority who fled Catholic persecution during the 16th and 17th centuries may have adopted this surname as well.

In addition to these various spellings and surname variations, the surname Mantooth is also found in combination with other surnames such as Manntooth-Smith, Manntooth-Brown and Manntooth-Jones.

Famous people with the name Mantooth

  • Timothy Mantooth: actor, known for his works in films such as Big Fan (2009), Disney's Alpha and Omega (2010) and Been So Long (2018).
  • Wingfield Reuter Mantooth: actress, director, and producer within the theater world, with credits in the films Fort McCoy (2011) and A Surprise in Texas (2012).
  • Tasha Mantooth: Makeup Artist and Executive Producer who works with an array of top-tier celebrities and brands, such as Kim Kardashian, Gucci, and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Katie Jane Hughes.
  • Stephen Mantooth: actor, writer, and producer, best known for his works in films such as Class Reunion (1982) and The Battle of L.A. (2020).
  • Arnold Mantooth: singer and songwriter, and winner of the Atlanta Idol competition in 2006, releasing his debut album, The Passing of Time, in 2008.
  • Boone Mantooth: actor, director, and filmmaker, with credits in films like Life on the Line (2015) and Blood Moon Rising (2018).
  • William Mantooth: US Navy veteran and author, with works including Go!, an Ocean of Calm (2019).
  • Julia Mantooth: comedian, writer, and actress, with appearances in the series American Housewife (2016-2018) and Growing Up Fisher (2014-2015).
  • Kenneth Mantooth: cookbook author and online culinary instructor, known for his works such as Fast and Easy Instant Pot: Recipes for Busy People (2019).
  • Paul Mantooth: entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and consultant, who has founded projects such as The Runaway Pony (2016).

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