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Surname Maracle - Meaning and Origin

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Maracle: What does the surname Maracle mean?

The last name Maracle is of British origin and has two possible meanings. The first is derived from the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Giolla Mhara, meaning "son of the devotee of St. Mary". The second meaning suggested by historians is derived from the name Mac Geal Mag Eolla, meaning "son of the family of the small foreigner".

The surname is also associated with a Scottish clan, the MacLellan of Clan MacLellan, whose history dates back to the late 13th century. The family was established by the Baron MacLellan of Galloway, and their original crest was a red and silver wineskin bearing a stag's head and the crest of a boar.

The name Maracle is not limited to Scotland, however, as many people with the surname can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. In Canada, it is often used by the Indigenous people as a last name, with its meaning being derived from the term for "friend".

Overall, Maracle is an interesting and unique surname that has a rich history and a variety of possible meanings. It is likely to continue to be used with various interpretations for many years to come.

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Maracle: Where does the name Maracle come from?

The last name Maracle is mostly associated with the Mohawk Nation, a group of First Nations people who have ancestries originating from parts of Canada and the Northern United States. Maracle is a surname that is found primarily amongst the members of the Mohawk community.

In the United States, the last name Maracle can often be found in states such as New York and California, where there is a larger population of people with First Nations heritage. Maracle has also been found in states such as Arizona, Washington, Georgia, Ohio, and Rhode Island, as well as in parts of Canada, including Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

The use of the surname Maracle has been an important part of the Mohawk community's cultural identity for many generations. It is a name that is often passed down through the generations from the Great Peacemaker, the Mohawk hero who united the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy centuries ago.

Today, the last name Maracle can be found all over the world, as many people of Mohawk heritage have moved away from their traditional homelands. Even in countries that don’t have a large population of First Nations people, including Germany, Austria, and Argentina, many people have adopted the surname Maracle to show their connection to the Mohawk people.

Ultimately, the last name Maracle is an important part of the cultural identity of the Mohawk people and continues to be found throughout the world, providing a link to the history and traditions of the First Nations people.

Variations of the surname Maracle

The Maracle surname is a combination of Irish and French roots and is derived from a Gaelic surname that was derived from Mac Rathghaille, meaning ‘son of Rathghaille’. It is believed to have originally been a nickname given to individuals who had a strong, ‘brave or teeming’ spirit.

The Maracle surname is found in both Ireland and Canada. In Ireland, it is primarily found in counties Kilkenny and Wexford, while in Canada, it is most commonly found in the Ontario region.

Variants of the Maracle surname include Maracal, Meracle, Meracel, Marcaille, Marocelle, Marocle, Marceau, Marquet, Marocelle and Marraquelle.

Spellings of the Maracle surname can be Maracle, Meracle, Meracel, Marcaille, Marocal, Maracal, Marocelle, Marcle, Marceau, Marquet, Marocelle, Marraqulle, Marcale, Marracall, Meracall, Maricas and Maracis.

Surnames of the same origin as Maracle include MacRathghaille, MacRatlgal, MacRattgal and MacRottgal.

Famous people with the name Maracle

  • Cody Maracle: Professional hockey player currently playing for the Guelph Storm of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL)
  • Dana Maracle: Professional aboriginal singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist specializing in traditional Iroquois music
  • Jordan Maracle: Professional soccer player and member of the Canadian national team
  • Melissa Maracle: Professional figure skater and 2006 Canadian National Champion
  • Giiwe Maracle: Professional male model from Canada
  • Kenneth Maracle: Aboriginal painter, sculptor and beadworker of the Arihara Turtle Clan of the Mohawk Nation
  • Sheila Maracle: Professional photographer and multimedia artist from the Mohawk Nation
  • Richelle Maracle: Professional painter, writer, and media artist from the Mohawk Nation
  • Alexa Rae Maracle: Professional fashion designer and creative director
  • Eric Maracle: Professional multimedia artist and cultural continuity coordinator for the Mohawk Nation's Akwesasne Cultural Center

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