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Surname Marchilewicz - Meaning and Origin

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Marchilewicz: What does the surname Marchilewicz mean?

The surname Marchilewicz is of Polish origin, derived from the merging of two Polish words: "marzyć," meaning "to dream," and "lew," meaning "lion." So it could metaphorically mean "dream lion." However, it’s essential to note that surnames often evolved from nicknames, professions, geographical areas, or physical attributes. Moreover, understanding the exact meaning can be challenging due to changes in language and interpretation over time. Although this specific surname isn't well-documented, it most likely originated from a particular historical context within Poland. Furthermore, it might be linked to Jewish-Polish ancestry as "~wicz" is a common ending for Ashkenazi Jewish surnames, denoting "son of." Again, determining the exact meaning can be difficult, but these interpretations provide some possible origins of the surname Marchilewicz.

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Marchilewicz: Where does the name Marchilewicz come from?

The last name Marchilewicz is not common today, but it may trace back to the region now known as Belarus. This area was part of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 18th century, and many of the descendants of the Polish-Lithuanian nobility had names ending in ‘iewicz’ which was the accepted ending for a nobleman’s name. In modern day Belarus, Marchilewicz is found most commonly in the towns and villages in and around Minsk, the country’s capital. This is not to say it is limited to just this area – many Polish-Lithuanian descendents can be found throughout all of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine due to the mixing of cultures and the centuries of migration out of what use to be the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. With the current population of over 500 million in the region, it is quite possible to come across someone with the last name Marchilewicz, even if they are relatively few and far between.

Variations of the surname Marchilewicz

The surname Marchilewicz has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Common variants include Marchellewicz, Marchelewicz, Marchellewicz, Marchalewicz, Marchellewic, Marchelewcz, Marchlewicz, Marclewicz, Machalewicz, Macherlewicz, Machlewicz, and Machelwiecz.

The way the surname Marchlewicz is spelled in different languages can often be used to trace its roots or origin. In Polish, for example, it would be written as ‘Marclewicz’. It also appears as ‘Macherlewicz’ in Czech and Slovak. In Slavic languages, it is commonly spelled as ‘Machalewicz’ or ‘Machlewicz’. In Yiddish, it is spelled as ‘Marhlewits’ or ‘Marhlevets’.

The variants of the surname Marchlewicz, when combined with other surnames, often take on a compound form. For example, ‘Marchellewicz’ combined with ‘Gniewek’ might be written as ‘Marchellewicz-Gniewek’. Similarly, ‘Macherlewicz’ and ‘Kozlowski’ might be written as ‘Macherlewicz-Kozlowski’. In some cases, a hyphen or a space may be used between the two surnames.

Overall, the surname Marchlewicz can have numerous variants and spellings, depending on the original language it has originated from or the area of its origin. It is, therefore, important to know the background and roots of the surname in order to spell it correctly and trace its origins.

Famous people with the name Marchilewicz

  • Jakub Marchlewicz: Polish actor and director who appeared in the movie ALL YOUR Sorrows in 2012.
  • Aleksandra Marchlewicz: Polish actress and singer who competed in the X-Factor television series in 2017.
  • Joanna Marchlewicz: Polish musician and composer who composed music for films such as Battle for Warsaw in 2017.
  • Roman Marchlewicz: Polish cinematographer who worked on the film Step Forward in 2016.
  • Ryszard Marchlewicz: Polish actor who starred in the television series Blood of Guts in 2017.
  • Krystian Marchlewicz: Polish writer and poet who wrote several collections of poetry and was nominated for the Wisława Szymborska Award in 2013.
  • Magdalena Marchlewicz: Polish voice actress who voiced characters in animated films such as Hotel Transylvania in 2018.
  • Maciej Marchlewicz: Polish visual artist and sculptor who exhibited work at the Kraków International Contemporary Art Fair in 2016.
  • Mariusz Marchlewicz: Polish businessman and entrepreneur who founded the IT company Primer in 2009.
  • Jerzy Marchlewicz: Polish Olympic athlete who competed in the 400m hurdles in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

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