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Surname Marcinkevicius - Meaning and Origin

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Marcinkevicius: What does the surname Marcinkevicius mean?

The last name Marcinkevicius is one of the oldest patronymic surnames of Lithuanian origin, with Marcinkevicius being derived from the given name Marcinkevic. The literal translation of the surname is the son of Marcinkevic and this type of surnames are used to identify familial units and trace their lineage.

Marcinkevicius is a toponymic surname, meaning that it is taken from the name of a place. In this case, it may have derived from Marcinkenai, an old village located in the Raseiniai district of Lithuania. There, among the ancient Baltic tribe of the Yotvingians, the name Marcinkevic was popular among the people of the region.

The first recorded mention of the Marcinkevicius name was from a 1590 census of Lithuania, where Janko Marcinkevicius was listed as the ancestor of many land-owning families. Today, Marcinkevicius is a fairly common surname in Lithuania, where thousands of descendants still live. It is also found in parts of Belarus, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The Marcinkevicius coat of arms is an eagle with a shield, signifying strength, courage and ambition, as well as a reminder of the protected heritage of the Marcinkevicius family. It is believed that the use of this surname carries a sense of pride and honor for the rich Lithuanian culture, with many Marcinkevicius families having a special reverence for their ancestors.

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Marcinkevicius: Where does the name Marcinkevicius come from?

The last name Marcinkevicius is most commonly found in Lithuania. It is estimated that over 3,700 people throughout the world bear this name, most of whom live in Lithuania and its bordering countries.

The last name Marcinkevicius is derived from the given name Marcinkevicius, which is itself derived from the masculine form of the Lithuanian name Marcinis. The name Marcinis is a combination of two elements, mar (meaning “horse”) and cinis (meaning “son”), making the full meaning “son of a horse”.

The vast majority of those named Marcinkevicius today live in Lithuania, with the next greatest concentration of people living in countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Poland. Although it is spread across Europe, the name is still mostly confined to the Baltic and Central European region.

The most common occupation of those who bear this last name is farming, as the name has a history of being passed down from father to son amongst rural families for generations. It is not as prevalent in the professional world as it is in rural communities.

Due to its rural roots, the last name appears to have retained its Lithuanian spelling for the most part. Speakers of the language may alter the spelling somewhat, but it remains mostly unchanged since it first appeared.

Variations of the surname Marcinkevicius

Marcinkevicius is a Lithuanian patronymic surname, meaning "son of Marcinkevicius". It is one of the most common surnames in Lithuania and is typically spelled with double c (Marcinkevicius). It is also commonly spelled with single c (Marcinkevicius), as well as with an s at the end (Marcinkeviciuss).

Variants of Marcinkevicius include: Markinkevitius, Markinkevituous, Markinkevicounte, Marcinkovitius, Marinkovitius, Marinkowicz, and Marciweski.

Surnames of the same origin as Marcinkevicius include Mardankiewicz, Marciniak, Marcinowski, Marcinkus, Marcinkiewicz, Marconi, Marcona, Markiewicz, Marconiewicz, Markiewic, Markovit, and Marcinuik.

Marcinkevicius is derived from the given name Marcinkevich, a masculine given name of Slavic origin, with the meaning "son of Marcin". The masculine given name Marcin is said to be of Latin origin, with the meaning "dedicated to Mars".

Overall, Marcinkevicius is a popular and widespread surname in Lithuania, and similar surnames and variants can be found throughout the country.

Famous people with the name Marcinkevicius

  • Gintaras Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian poet, author, playwright, and translator.
  • Algimantas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian chess Grandmaster.
  • Julius Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian politician, academic, and diplomat.
  • Darius Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian fashion designer.
  • Laima Marcinkevičienė: Lithuanian theatre and film actress.
  • Monika Marcinkevičiūtė: Lithuanian children’s songwriter and singer.
  • Juozas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian diplomat.
  • Jonas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian photographer and actor.
  • Marius Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian politician and ex-Minister of Agriculture.
  • Vytautas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian actor and director.
  • Irma Marcinkevičiūtė: Lithuanian singer.
  • Ramūnas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian basketball player.
  • Jonas Marcinkevičius: Lithuanian lawyer and former Minister of the economy.
  • Dalia Marcinkevičiūtė: Lithuanian journalist and television broadcaster.
  • Jurgita Marcinkevičiūtė: Lithuanian model and actress.

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