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Surname Margoche - Meaning and Origin

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Margoche: What does the surname Margoche mean?

The last name Margoche is of French origin. It is a variation of the name Marchand, which means merchant. The surname was likely used to denote someone who was a professional merchant. Historically, it was most common in Northern France, primarily centered in the former Province of Picardy.

In modern days, the surname is still widely used in France. It is often used as a first name, too. Those who bear the surname are typically of French descent, although it is also found among French Canadians. It may have also been adopted by other French-speaking immigrants from France to other parts of Europe, Canada or the United States.

The traditional meaning of Marchand, merchant, is still applicable to those bearing the name Margoche. Many individuals may have earned their living through buying and selling goods, and as such, the name evokes the idea of someone who is a shrewd negotiator. It likely also denotes someone hard working and reliable, as someone’s success in business is unlikely without such traits.

In modern times, many people who carry the Margoche surname may not have any immediate ties to the original meaning of the word. However, they may take pride in knowing the storied history of their surname and that it is still in use today.

Margoche: Where does the name Margoche come from?

The last name Margoche isn't very common today, but it is found in predominately French-speaking countries since it is a French last name. According to, it is most commonly found in Switzerland, primarily in the town of Delémont and the canton of Jura. In France, it is primarily found in the Haute-Loire department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It is also found in small numbers in Belgium, Quebec (Canada), and the United States. Margoche is also a derivative of an old French name, Marjollet, which is more widely distributed, primarily in France and Spain but also in Portugal. The unusual spelling suggests an etymological change when the last name arrived in Switzerland or North America.

Overall, the last name Margoche today is much less common than its older counterpart, Marjollet, but still widely dispersed throughout various regions stretching from Europe, across North America, and even into parts of South America.

Variations of the surname Margoche

The surname Margoche is believed to be of French origin. Variants of this surname include Margot, Margotti, Margouche, Margouett, Margois, Margouillot, and Margoulles.

The spelling of the surname changes depending on its derivation language, region and era. In Latin, the name could be spelled Margoshe, Maroghe, and Marrasch. In German, the variations are Margatts, Margast, Maergesh and Maragati. In Italian, the variations are Marguzzi, Maragotti and Margoto. In Spanish, Margoso and Marazco.

Surnames of the same origin include Margolis, Margulles, Margue, Margolles, Camargo, Marquez, and Di Marzio. Other surnames are Marji, Margi, Margho, Marghoni, Marghetti, and Marguella.

The surname has a great cultural diversity. It is believed to be a combination of two French words, "Mar" meaning sea and "Goshe" meaning thyme or heathen. Hence, the surname has the meaning of someone from the sea shore or a heathen.

Apart from the European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, a number of people around the world have adopted the name. It is especially prevalent in South American countries, probably due to the great influence of Spanish immigrants. In several African countries, people of Margoche descent are mostly descendants of the African slaves brought in during the colonial period. The name is also prevalent in the Middle Eastern region.

The spelling of the surname might change over time, but the origin of the name remains the same.

Famous people with the name Margoche

  • Francisco Margoche: Professional Football Player
  • Toni Margoche: Professor of Neurology
  • Margarida Margoche: Actor
  • Grego Margoche: Filmmaker
  • John Margoche: Political Activist
  • Wilbur Margoche: Lawyer
  • Michael Margoche: Entrepreneur
  • Peggy Margoche: Businesswoman
  • Kirk Margoche: Pediatrician
  • Mathias Margoche: Catalytic Biochemical Engineer
  • Tom Margoche: Television Producer
  • Patrick Margoche: Architect
  • Franz Margoche: Military Strategist
  • Eugene Margoche: Businessman
  • Timothy Margoche: Chief Executive Officer
  • Lourdes Margoche: Musician
  • Benjamin Margoche: Civil Rights Activist
  • David Margoche: Art Dealer
  • Bart Margoche: Scientist
  • Jean Margoche: Journalist

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