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Surname Massarella - Meaning and Origin

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Massarella: What does the surname Massarella mean?

The last name Massarella is of Italian origin. Although the exact meaning is unclear, it is believed to have originated from "Mascarilla" or "Mascarella", which are derived from "Mascherare", an Italian verb meaning to disguise or to mask. This could possibly imply the profession of the mask-maker or puppet-maker in early Italian society, as these professions were prevalent in Italian towns during carnivals and theatrical productions. The change in spelling from "Mascarilla" to "Massarella" might reflect dialectical differences among regions in Italy. It is also likely that the name is toponymic, indicating a geographical origin, as in being from a town, region, or landmark. It is important to note that surname origins can be complex, and exact interpretations often remain speculative.

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Massarella: Where does the name Massarella come from?

The surname Massarella has its origins in Italy, specifically from the Southern regions. The name may be geographical, possibly deriving from towns named Massarosa in Tuscany or Massa in the region of Campania. Alternatively, it could come from the Italian word "massaro," referring to a farm bailiff or manager, hence indicating a profession.

Variations of the name can include Massari, Massaro, Masserini, Masserelli, and more. The distribution of the surname in Italy shows a concentration in the regions of Campania and Lazio, specifically in Naples and Rome.

Today, the surname Massarella is still fairly common in Italy. It is also found around the world due to Italian diaspora in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. For instance, "Massarella's" is a well-known café and restaurant business in the UK, operated by a family of Italian origin. However, even with its spread around the world, it remains a relatively rare surname.

Variations of the surname Massarella

The surname Massarella is of Italian origin, specifically southern Italy, and it may have possibly been derived from a place called Massarosa in Tuscany. It is essentially a toponymic surname, indicating a connection to a place. The surname's spelling might vary greatly due to geographical differences, accent marks in local dialects, or even immigration records errors.

Regarding the variants, while no specific versions are available, it is usual for Italian surnames to have slight modifications in their endings like Massarelli, Massaretti, or Massarello. As per spellings, it might have been misinterpreted or changed as Massarela, Massarrella, or Massarelle particularly during immigration.

As it is a surname related to a location, other possible related surnames would be those connected to similar place names or regions in Italy, such as Massari or Massaro.

It's also worth noting that many Italian surnames have diminutives (Massarellino, Massarellini) or augmentatives (Massarellone, Massarelloni). However, without specific genealogical research, we can't be sure of the direct lineage and variation in the case of Massarella.

Famous people with the name Massarella

  • Rob Massarella: American actor, writer and television producer.
  • Bob Massarella: American actor, most famous for being the voice of Professor Utonium in the television series The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Zach Massarella: Canadian professional tennis player, ranked in the top 1,000 in singles.
  • Paul Massarella: American professional golfer, who competed in several PGA Tour events and won the 1973 PGA Tour Championship.
  • David Massarella: British rock and roll musician and recording artist, who released two albums (two fingers and Sonic Boom) in 2018 on BMG Records.
  • Paolo Massarella: Italian music producer and songwriter who has produced music for international artists such as Sting, Christina Aguilera, Diplo and Robbie Williams.
  • Tony Massarella: Former professional boxer from Trinidad and Tobago, who held the W BA interim super bantamweight championship belt in 1989.
  • Jim Massarella: Former professional American football cornerback who played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1972 to 1975.
  • Art Massarella: Canadian hockey player who played in the Ontario Hockey League with the Oshawa Generals and the Toronto Marlboros.
  • John Massarella: American hockey player who played professional hockey in the American Hockey League for the Philadelphia Firebirds and the Maine Mariners.

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