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Surname Massion Mosion Macion - Meaning and Origin

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Massion Mosion Macion: What does the surname Massion Mosion Macion mean?

The last name Massion, Mosion, or Macion is believed to have derived from the Latin word "maio" meaning to increase or grow, or from the Old German word "maisson" meaning to build or to create. This has been suggested to indicate a profession or trade of those individuals who bore the surname, which may have included stone masons or builders.

In France, this name is found mainly in the Occitan region of the South. It is also believed to have ancient roots in Spain where it has been recorded in the 15th century. It has also been noted in Scotland, in the form of Macyoun or Macion and associated with Clan Macduff, a branch of the Royal House of Macduff.

Today, the name Massion, Mosion, or Macion is mainly associated with individuals of Italian and French origin. In the U.S., most bearers of this name are of French descent. While variations exist, the Massion, Mosion, or Macion name is often found in other countries as well and can extend to spelling variations such as Mason, Macion, Macioni, Maccioni, Macini, Macione, Massioni, Masini, Mazioni, and Masone.

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Massion Mosion Macion: Where does the name Massion Mosion Macion come from?

The last name Massion is of French origin and is known to have originated in France but is also found in other parts of Europe. The name is a variation of the original spelling Masseon and is derived from the word mason, meaning ‘stoneworker’ or ‘stone cutter’. It is a relatively common name and is often found in the French-speaking regions of Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. Massion can also be found in the United States, especially in areas where there is a large population of French-speaking settlers.

In France, the surname Massion possibly originated from a mason who worked with stonework for a noble family and adopted the family’s unique spelling. It could also have come from a soldier or knight who distinguished himself in battle.

The name can be found in different variations, including Masson, Macion, Mason, Maison, Maisonneuve, Masion, and Mosion. There have even been people found with the spelling Massioni, though it is not as common as the other variations.

Today, the Massion family name is primarily found in France, though migrated people who carry the last name can be found throughout Europe and the United States. It is a testament to the hardworking and reputable nature of their ancestors that the name continues to live on, centuries after its first use.

Variations of the surname Massion Mosion Macion

The surname Massion is a variant of the slightly older Mosion surname. Both of these surnames have ties to France where they have been used since the pre-medieval period. Mosion was derived from a Germanic word meaning “son of Mass” or “son of a fighter.” In modern times, Massion and Mosion are used throughout France and other parts of the world as surnames. The spelling of these surnames has also changed over time and different spellings of the same origin have emerged.

Massion can also be spelled as Masyon and Masson. Masyon is thought to be derived from the Latin name Massoni, which was a nickname for monks or priests. Masson, on the other hand, is thought to be derived from a Latin word meaning “mason” or “stone worker.”

The surname Massion is also known by a number of variants and spellings. The variant Macion is thought to be a French-Canadian spelling of Massion and is often seen in those areas where French-Canadian immigrants settled. Another variant is Mosion, which is considered to be a Middle French spelling of Massion.

Finally, the surname Massion is also known by a variety of other surnames. Among these is Marchion, which is thought to be derived from the Old French name Marc, meaning “warrior” or “soldier.” Another surname derived from Massion is Micion, which is derived from the Latin word Messor, meaning “a mason or a stone cutter.” These variants, spellings, and surnames all have their roots in the original Massion surname.

Famous people with the name Massion Mosion Macion

  • Jette-Pete Masion, German opera singer
  • Jacky Macion, French professional footballer
  • Terence Mosion, American-Canadian sportswriter
  • Vince Mosion, American musician
  • Raoul Masion, French author
  • Gina Macion, American reality television personality
  • Ursula Masion, German figure skater
  • Thibaut Masion, French actor
  • Aagje Macion, Dutch sculptor
  • Bernadette Masion, French fashion designer

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