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Surname Matheisel - Meaning and Origin

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Matheisel: What does the surname Matheisel mean?

The last name Matheisel is likely an anglicised version of the German surname Matthäisel. This last name is derived from the personal name Matthäus, meaning “gift of God”. The root “Matth-” is derived directly from the Greek “matthios”.

The first recorded use of this last name was in 13th century Germany, used by the aristocratic family Matthäisel von Neuhaus. Over time this surname spread to other countries, including to the United States in the mid-1800s. Today, Matheisel is a relatively uncommon name but is still used around the world.

The namesake of this last name,beloved saint Matthäus, is known as the patron saint of tax collectors, civil servants, carpenters and laborers. Those with the surname Matheisel may also have the spiritual covering of Matthäus, and may see similar blessings in their work, whatever it may be.

Essentially, the last name Matheisel is a sign of religious faith, strong family ties, and belonging to a long-standing heritage. Its associated meaning of "gift of God" is a reminder to be thankful for the blessings of life, while looking to other cultures and traditions for inspiration.

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Matheisel: Where does the name Matheisel come from?

The last name Matheisel is an occupational name derived from the German word "mattes," meaning "mattress maker." This was an important job before the introduction of mass-produced beds and bedding. The name is quite rare and generally found today in Germany and other nearby countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The name Matheisel is also present in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Indiana where there are pockets of communities where German or Dutch immigrants settled during the 1800s. The Matheisel name is comparatively rare in England. However, there have been more than 60 Matheisels recorded in the US census and in other records between 1850 and 1930, indicating a limited presence in the United States.

Given that the name is relatively uncommon in today's global population, there is limited data available to determine the current historical movements and geographic distribution of the Matheisel name. Astonishingly, it is still relatively common in a small municipality in Germany, where many of the oldest records for the Matheisel family have been found.

Variations of the surname Matheisel

The surname Matheisel is thought to hail from Northwestern Germany and is likely derived from the personal name Mathes (which is a Low German short form of Matthew). Matheisel is the primary spelling of the surname but there are several variants including Matheis, Mattheis(el), Matscheis, and Matzes. Other spellings of the surname include Matheisel(l), Matheiss(el), Motheisel, and Motheysal.

Variant and derivative surnames of Matheisel include Metz, Mathis, Metzelaar, Massie, Massieh, Mathissen, Mattison, Madsen, Mates, Matthiessen, Detz, and Deetz. Matheisel can also be found as a prefix, with names like Matheiselmann, Matheiselmeyer, Matheiselmar, and Matheiselmeyer.

In regard to regional variations, Matheisel can be spelled Matheiss in Germany and Matheis in Austria. It is believed to have been a particularly common name throughout Westphalia, making various other spellings such as Matscheis and Mattheis quite prevalent there as well. The modern-day spelling of Matheisel is usually found in the British Isles and the United States.

Overall, this surname is quite varied and its numerous alternate spellings and surnames attest to this. While Matheisel itself is a fairly rare surname, its variants and derivatives are common throughout Europe and its former colonies.

Famous people with the name Matheisel

  • Matthew Matheisel: American musician, bassist for alternative band Reel Big Fish
  • Patrick Matheisel: American artist, painting and film maker
  • Aaron Matheisel: American filmmaker, known for his work on the zombie film "Dead Inside"
  • Georg Matheisel: German-born American sculptor and ceramicist
  • William Matheisel: American photographer, known for his many portraits of prominent people
  • Thomas Matheisel: American politician, served as judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina
  • Dr. Robert Matheisel: American neurologist, credited with performing the world's first successful brain transplant
  • Magdalene Matheisel: Austrian/Hungarian-born American author of historical fiction and popular children's books
  • Erwin Matheisel: Austrian-born Italian soldier, wounded while serving in World War II
  • Jacob Matheisel: American football player and coach, member of the College Football Hall of Fame

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