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Surname Matheis - Meaning and Origin

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K. Matheis

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Matheis: What does the surname Matheis mean?

The last name Matheis, also spelled Mathyas, Mathais, Mathy, and Mathys, is believed to be of German origin. It is a patronymic name derived from the given name “Mathis,” which is from the Hebrew “Mattityahu” meaning “gift of the Lord.”

The name can be found all over Europe, especially Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It is also relatively common in the United States, having been brought by the wave of German immigration that took place between 1709 and 1945.

The Matheis name was originally an occupational surname, as the most common use of the given name Mathis was to denote someone who was a “servant of Christ.” The Matheis family is believed to have arrived in Germany in the Middle Ages, with the earliest known reference to the name being recorded in 1296 in Lower Rhineland.

Matheis is a strong name, with its bearer firmly rooted in the land and culture of their ancestors. With a long and proud history, it remains an excellent choice for individuals looking to identify with a strong but not too common name.

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Matheis: Where does the name Matheis come from?

The last name Matheis is predominantly found in Germany and other German-speaking regions, such as Austria and Switzerland. The surname originated from a root first name, Matthaeus, which was popular in Medieval Europe and is the Germanic form for the biblical apostles Matthew and Mathias.

Matheis is the 28th most common surname in Germany as of 2020, with a population of 402,025 people with the last name. It is particularly common in the German states of Bavaria, Hesse, and North-Rhine Westphalia.

In the United States, the surname Matheis is much less common. Only about 845 Americans bear this name according to the US Census from 2019. The vast majority of these people are of Germanic descent and were likely either born in Germany or have ancestors who immigrated from Germany to the United States.

In addition, the UK also has a relatively small population of Matheis. As of 2011, there were around 627 people with the last name in the whole country. The majority of these people were thought to have East European or German backgrounds, with many arriving in the UK during World War II and remaining after the war was over.

Today, the last name Matheis is still seen primarily in German-speaking countries, with a small presence in the United States, the UK, and potentially elsewhere in Europe as well.

Variations of the surname Matheis

The surname Matheis is of German origin and has several variations and spellings. Some of the most common variants include Mathais, Mattheis, Mathies, Matthaeis, Matheiss, Matheissen, Mathees, Matheese, Mathaeus, Mathias, Matthias, Mattheissen and Mattheus.

The surname is derived from the German personal name Matthaeus, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew male given name Matityahu, meaning "gift of God". This name is most commonly found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands.

The surname Mathais is the French spelling of the German surname Matheis. The French version is more popular in the US and Canada due to French migration dating back to the 1600s.

Matheis is also commonly found spelled as Mathia, Mathio, Mathiose, Mathis, Mathissen, Mattia and Mattissen. While these spellings may resemble the original German version, they are not direct translations.

Various other surnames derived from Mathaes, including Mahtis, Mathod and Mahtie, can be found in Europe, particularly France and Switzerland.

In some parts of the world, the Matheis surname has also been modified, resulting in surnames like Mattai, Maddie and Madai. Other variations, which are more common in German-speaking countries, include Mathissen, Mathiessen, Mathiuss, Mathiassen and Mathiass.

In summary, the surname Matheis has numerous variants and spellings. These variants are primarily found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, as well as France and Canada due to migration and different spellings of the original name.

Famous people with the name Matheis

  • Dani Matheis: professional golfer on the LPGA Tour since 2015.
  • Robert Matheis III: American cinematographer best known for his work on the television series Criminal Minds and The Americans.
  • K.C. Matheis: professional BMX racer.
  • Laurie Matheis: former freestyle swimmer and three-time Olympian, who competed for the United States at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • John Matheis: American bassist and keyboardist who has played with various alternative rock bands, including the Goo Goo Dolls and Letters to Cleo.
  • Steven Matheis: professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL for five seasons.
  • Mike Matheis: retired American soccer goalkeeper.
  • JoAnn Matheis: American swimmer who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics.
  • Nate Matheis: American swimmer who was a member of the United States 1992 Summer Olympic team.
  • Jan Matheis: Netherlands football player who played 62 times for the Dutch national team between 1990 and 2000.

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