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Surname Mathews - Meaning and Origin

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T. Mathews

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Mathews: What does the surname Mathews mean?

The surname Mathews is of Welsh origin and is derived from the personal name Mathew, which means "gift of God". It comes from the Hebrew name Matityahu and passed into English via the Greek variant Matthaios. This surname became popular in Europe due to the biblical apostle Matthew, who was initially Levi, a tax collector, before he became one of Christ’s disciples. The name Mathews often has an "s" at the end, which connotes "son of", suggesting that the first person to bear the surname was likely the "son of Matthew." Its widespread use in Wales and the southwestern counties of England is chiefly owing to veneration for the saint in early times. It has various spellings, including Matthews, Mathieson, and Mathis.

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Mathews: Where does the name Mathews come from?

The surname Mathews is of Welsh and English origin. It derives from the personal name Mathew, a Biblical name that means "gift of God", which became popular after the Norman Conquest in Britain in the 11th century. The addition of the suffix "s" implies "son of" hence Mathews can be interpreted as "son of Mathew."

Over time, the name spread throughout the British Isles and was eventually carried to various parts of the English-speaking world through British colonization and emigration. The version of Mathews, rather than Matthews, is considered less common.

Nowadays, the surname Mathews is most widespread in the United States, England, and Australia according to data provided by Forebears. In the United States, it is particularly prevalent in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. In England, the counties with the highest concentration of individuals with the last name Mathews are Kent and London. Despite its roots in Wales, the name is less common there today.

Variations of the surname Mathews

The surname Mathews often faces a myriad of spelling variations due to different cultural interpretations and translations. Some of the most common include Matthews, Matthies, Matthys, Mathies, Mathis, Matis, Matas, Matthes, and Mattes. Others may spell it with a single "t" or "h" as in Mathew or Mathes, respectively.

It is thought to originate from the Hebrew name Matthew, which translates to 'gift of God.' Matthew was a biblical apostle, also known as Levi, and author of the first Gospel of the New Testament. The surname spread across Europe and to the British Isles through the Christian crusaders in the Medieval period.

In different countries, the surname was adopted with regional suffixes and prefixes. For instance, in France it became Mathieu, in Spain it became Mateo or Matias, in Italy Mateo or Mattia, and in Poland it is often seen as Maciejewski. Further variations also include compound surnames such as FitzMatthew, meaning ‘son of Matthew.’

Please note that while these surnames have a similar origin, regional versions can have different specific meanings. Furthermore, people with these surnames may not necessarily be related, due to the extensive use of this name across many cultures and eras.

Famous people with the name Mathews

  • Candace Mathews, a fashion designer, author and motivational speaker.
  • Ed Mathews, former MLB third baseman and Baseball Hall of Fame inductee. 3.Henry Mathews, an American actor and stuntman.
  • Stan Mathews, a former American professional soccer player.
  • Lee Mathews, an actress and fashion designer.
  • Erica Mathews, an Australian actress and producer.
  • Paul Mathews, an American professional basketball player.
  • Ernest Mathews, a British politician.
  • Bonnie Mathews, a Canadian actress. 10.Walter Mathews, an American author and military officer.
  • John Mathews, a Welsh theologian and minister.
  • Alexandra Mathews, an Australian archaeologist.
  • Amanda Mathews, an American actress.
  • Nicole Mathews, an American pole vaulter.
  • Joe Mathews, an American journalist, editor, and commentator.
  • Steven Mathews, an American actor and playwright.
  • Travis Mathews, an American independent filmmaker and director.
  • Tanya Mathews, an American television producer.
  • Greg Mathews, an American musician, producer and composer.
  • Derek Mathews, a British actor and director.

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