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Surname Matheus - Meaning and Origin

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Matheus: What does the surname Matheus mean?

The last name Matheus originates from Portugal, where it is believed to be derived from the given name Matheus, a Portuguese and Latin form of the Biblical name Matthew, which means "gift of God" or "God's gift". Matheus is a common surname amongst people of Portuguese descent, as well as people of other European and Latin American countries.

The surname Matheus can also be derived from an ancient Arabic word, which translates to “divine” or “God’s gift”. It is believed that this Arabic element was adopted by the Portuguese, and eventually became the last name Matheus.

The Matheus surname is a patronymic name, meaning that it was originally used to signify the sons of Matthaeus. It is believed that this name first appeared in the form Mathaeus, and was eventually adopted and adapted into Portuguese.

People with the last name Matheus often have mixed heritage due to its European and Latin American roots. Today, the Matheus surname is most commonly found in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and Angola.

The Matheus surname carries with it an illustrious and centuries-old history, ultimately representing a strong sense of heritage and tradition. It is believed to be a reminder of history, culture, and family lines, providing a connection to the past for the bearer of the surname.

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Matheus: Where does the name Matheus come from?

The last name Matheus is most common in the Latin American countries of Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador. It is also seen in Brazil, Portugal, and France. In Mexico, it is the 48th most common last name, with an estimated 50,544 people carrying this surname. In Colombia, around 32,000 people have this last name and in El Salvador, it is the 66th most common last name with an estimated 27,000 people. In Brazil, the last name is common as well, however, it is much less frequent, with an estimated 8,000 people sharing this last name. In Portugal, around 1,800 people carry this patronymic, while in France, it is believed that there are around 1,200 people who use this last name. The Matheus last name is quite ancient and likely started in Europe by the first of the family carrying this name. Evidence suggests that the name is derived from the Latin surname Matthaeus meaning "gift of God". With the butterfly effect of immigration, there is now a wide dispersion of Matheus across Latin America and Europe.

Variations of the surname Matheus

The surname Matheus has several variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin.

Matheus is most commonly spelled Mathaeus, Mathius, Mathias, Matthaeus, Mattheus, Matheous, Matheu, and Matthias. Other spellings include: Mathaeus, Mathaios, Mupheus, Mathys, Mathyas, Mattheeus, Mathyou, and Methius.

Certain variants of the name Matheus are particularly common in particular countries or areas. For example, the Portuguese form of Matheus is Matthias. In France and Germany, Mathaeus, Mathias, and Matthaeus are the most common spellings. Mattheus and Matheous are more commonly used as variants in the Netherlands.

Other surnames of the same origin include MacMath, MacMathers, McDermott, McDougal, MacDonald, McGhee, and McGuire. Additionally, there are a few surnames that appear to be directly derived from Matheus, such as Mathesson, Mathewson, and Mathews.

Overall, variants of the surname Matheus are most common in Europe, especially its Celtic and Germanic regions. The spelling of Matheus may change in various regions and countries, which is why it is important to research the surnames of origin to determine the correct spelling for a particular family.

Famous people with the name Matheus

  • Diego Matheus: Professional footballer and current team captain of Ponte Preta
  • Nuno Matheus: Portuguese professional athlete
  • José Luis Matheus: Former President of the Inter-American Development Bank
  • Pedro Matheus: Brazilian Television presenter
  • Kadu Matheus: Brazilian mixed martial artist and jiu-jitsu practitioner
  • Heriberto Matheus: Argentine football coach
  • Luiz Fernando Matheus: Brazilian defense Secretary Under Dilma Rousseff's government
  • Thiago Matheus: Brazilian professional basketball player
  • António Matheus: Realm Minister of Portugal between 1998 and 2002
  • Ruben Matheus: Portuguese sculptor, draftsman, painter and illustrator

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