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Surname Matheiss - Meaning and Origin

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Matheiss: What does the surname Matheiss mean?

The last name Matheiss is believed to be derived from the German given name Matthias, and is thought to have been adopted as a surname by families in Germany in medieval times. This name is found primarily in Germany and the United States.

In Germany, the name is believed to have originated from the Middle High German given name Mathisze, phonetically pronounced Mat-i-sah. Alternatively, it could have been derived from the Old High German name Mathias. In both cases, the name translates to mean "gift of the Lord."

Matheiss can be found as a given name in the United States as well, often with the spelling Mathias or Matias. Immigrants to the US from Germany often adopted the surname in its original form, Matheiss.

The name Matheiss is associated with the notion of faithfulness and loyalty. Those bearing the name are thought to be dependable and reliable, traits that can be traced back to the biblical Matthias. This explains why the name is most common in Christian households.

The last name Matheiss is fairly unique, and there is no official meaning attached to it. However, many believe that the name carries a sense of faithfulness and loyalty due to its origin, and its connection to St. Matthias.

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Matheiss: Where does the name Matheiss come from?

The last name Matheiss is not particularly common today. It is a German surname, and is found mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of Central Europe. It is also found in parts of the United States and in some South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

In Germany, Matheiss is more common in rural areas. It is particularly found around the Hesse region of Germany and the Bavarian regions. In the United States, the name is mainly associated with people of German origins, particularly in areas such as New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, that have large populations of people with German ancestry.

The name Matheiss is not particularly widely spread all over the world today. It is often associated with Central European countries and those with German roots, although it can be found in a few other places. However, it is likely there are still many people in these countries possessing the last name. Whether it continues to be widely used in future, remains to be seen.

Variations of the surname Matheiss

Matheiss is a German surname that can be spelled in various ways, usually depending on the surname's region of origin. Variants of the surname Matheiss include Mathes, Matthaei, Mattheis, Matheissen, Mattheisen, and Maethies. It may also be spelled Maethes, Mathees, Matheis, Matheisz, Matthai, Matthay, Mathi, Mathie, and Matthies.

The Matheiss surname originated in part from the Old German word “matheiz”, which means “gift of GOD”. It is also likely derived from the personal name “Matthaeus”, which is the German form of the name Matthew.

One common variant of the surname is Mathes, which may also be used as a stand alone name. In some regions this surname is used as a patronymic, which is a surname derived from the name of a person's father or ancestor. Other variations of the patronymic surname Mathes may include Mathio, Mathieu, Mathew, Mathias, Matison, and Mathis.

Matheissen is also a variant of the surname and in some regions it may also be spelled Maethiesen.

In conclusion, variants and spellings of the name Matheiss may slightly vary depending on the region of origin. Common variations of the surname include Mathes, Mathio, Mathieu, Mathew, Mathias, Matison, Mathis, Matheis, Matheisz, Matthai, Matthay, Mathi, Mathie, and Matthies.

Famous people with the name Matheiss

  • Paul Matheiss: Professional photographer specialising in documentary photography.
  • Chris Matheiss: Executive producer of the thriller series Channel Zero.
  • Geoffrey Matheiss: American artist who works with glass, light and texture.
  • Jon Matheiss: Musician and songwriter who contributes to films, trailers, and commercials.
  • Katarina Matheiss: Ski racer from Slovenia.
  • Katie Matheiss: Former National Champion bowler and USBC Hall of Fame Inductee.
  • Karl Matheiss: Swiss bobsledder who competed in the 1968 and 1972 Winter Olympics.
  • Kristine Matheiss: Actress best known for her role as Liz on the soap opera General Hospital.
  • Mark Matheiss: Professional snowboarder and international stuntman.
  • Matt Matheiss: Pilot and stunt performer in Hollywood films including Top Gun.
  • Pat Matheiss: American woman regarded as one of the pioneers of dressage in New York State.
  • Scott Matheiss: Executive director for the United States Practical Shooting Association.
  • Steven Matheiss: Music composer and producer based in Los Angeles.

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