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Surname Matheisen - Meaning and Origin

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Matheisen: What does the surname Matheisen mean?

The last name Matheisen is of German origin, derived from the Middle High German term 'mait' meaning might. It was originally an occupational surname and might refer to a steward or a governor of a castle. In some cases, it might also refer to someone who worked in a malthouse, which is the place where malt is produced from barley for brewing beer or whisky.

The connotations of Matheisen are strength and power through efficiency and steadiness. It reflects someone who is efficient and renowned for their skills, not necessarily in a physical sense, but rather in leading and managing important domestic of political affairs. Matheisen would suggest someone firm but fair, a leader who can keep an eye on the bigger picture while ensuring effective management.

The Matheisen surname would be found in many parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and individuals with this surname are scattered around the world, particularly in Europe and the United States. In England, the Matheise family had a distinguished history, with many members becoming successful politicians, doctors and businesspeople.

With its impressive history, the Matheisen surname continues to carry the weight of responsibility and strength it has for centuries. It is still passed down by families who want to ensure their children know the heritage of their name and its associated values of excellence and efficiency.

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Matheisen: Where does the name Matheisen come from?

The last name Matheisen is most commonly found today in the German-speaking regions of the world. In the 2020 edition of the Geogen World Gazetteer, it is reported that the name has the highest frequency in Germany (2,024 occurrences), followed by Austria (452), Switzerland (168), and Liechtenstein (32).

In Germany, Matheisen is most often found in the Northwestern states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower-Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein - all of which border on the North Sea. It is also found in the southern states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and other parts of western Germany.

Furthermore, the last name has spread to other parts of Europe, particularly to the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as North America, where it is found mainly in the United States and Canada.

In the United States, Matheisens are concentrated mostly in the Midwest and the Northeast. It is particularly prevalent in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. It is also found in other states, particularly those with significant German populations.

Matheisen is undoubtedly a German name, but its name bearers can now be found all over the world.

Variations of the surname Matheisen

The surname Matheisen is a German appellation deriving from a nickname for a mathematician or teacher of mathematics. Variations of the name include Mathiesen, Mathieson, Mathissen, Mattheisen, Mattheissen, Matthiesen, Mathison, Mathiesson, Matheis, Matheiss, and Mathiessen.

It is possible that Matheisen could also be found as Matheisser or Matheuser, which were common German variants of the name Matheis. These were likely derivative forms of the name, and were likely derived using the Middle High German suffix -er or -here, meaning "someone of", or "from".

Throughout Germany and in countries of German origin, Matheisen is found as Matheisen, Mathiesen, Mathieson, Mathissen, Mattheisen, Mattheissen, Matthiesen, Mathison, Mathiesson, Matheis, Matheiss, and Mathiessen. In the United States, Matheisen is found under the spelling Mathiesen, Mathieson, Mathissen, Mattheisen, Mattheissen, Matthiesen, Mathison, Mathiesson, Matheis, Matheiss, and Mathiesson. In the United Kingdom, Matheisen is sometimes seen as Matheis, Matheiss, Mathiesen, Mathieson, Mathissen, Mattheisen, Mattheissen, Matthiesen, Mathisen, Mathiesson, and Mathiessen.

In addition, Matheisen could also be found as a variant of the Polish surname Mathyszyn, a derivative of Mathys, which is a habitational name meaning "of Mathys". Matheysen is the Dutch variant of mathajsen, derived from the German Matheis. Alternatively, Matheisen has also been found as a variation of Matargase, a Croatian derivative of the given name Matija, which is a Latin derivative of the Hebrew given name Matityahu.

It is likely that Matheisen is more widely found under many other regional and international variations that have not been included here. As the spelling of surnames often changed with each successive generation due to cultural influences, it is possible that the variants of the surname Matheisen include many additional spellings and derivatives.

Famous people with the name Matheisen

  • Marie Matheisen was a German agricultural scientist who was also a Holocaust survivor.
  • Wolfgang Matheisen is a German-born biologist, specializing in wildlife conservation and animal genetics.
  • Laura Matheisen is an American jazz musician and composer.
  • Kristoffer Matheisen is a Norwegian artist and sculptor, best known for his bronze sculptures of birds and animals.
  • Johannes Matheisen is a German mathematician, specializing in number theory and its applications.
  • Bernd Matheisen is a German musicologist and composer.
  • Melissa Matheisen is an American pop singer and songwriter.
  • Jakob Matheisen is a Swiss soccer player, currently playing for FC Basel in the Swiss Super League.
  • Patrick Matheisen was a German auto racing driver who competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1920s.
  • Peter Matheisen is a German-born American architect, specializing in recreational architecture.

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