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Surname Matheison - Meaning and Origin

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Matheison: What does the surname Matheison mean?

The surname Matheison is of Scottish origin and is a patronymic form of the personal name Matthew. Its meaning is derived from the Hebrew name 'Mattityahu' which means 'gift of God'. Therefore, Matheison essentially means 'son of Matthew' or 'son of the gift of God'. As a Scottish surname, it particularly belongs to the region of Ross-shire in Northern Scotland. Over time, the spelling has evolved and today there are numerous variations such as Matheson, Mathieson, Mathison, and others. Each version highlights the connection to the familial line of a man named Matthew. It is significant in genealogical studies and often carries a strong historical narrative of Scottish traditions and heritage. The clan Matheson, related to this surname, has its own crest and long-standing history in Scotland. Please note that translation can vary and interpretations might differ.

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Matheison: Where does the name Matheison come from?

The surname Matheison is of Scottish origin. It is most commonly considered a patronymic name derived from the personal name Matthew combined with the Old Norse suffix "-son," meaning "son." As such, Matheison typically translates to "son of Matthew."

The name is more common in its several variations, such as 'Mathieson' or 'Matheson,' the latter being common across Scotland, particularly in the Highlands. Matheson is a Highland clan that originally hailed from Lochalsh. The clan was historically influential in the region, having held lands at Fernaig, Balmacara, and Lochalsh. Versions of the surname spread across the English-speaking world, including areas such as Canada, the United States, and Australia, due to Scottish emigration.

In its various spellings, it is relatively widespread today, but it is most common in regions with a high proportion of descendants from Scottish immigrants, including Scotland itself, other parts of the United Kingdom, and countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Matheison

The surname Matheison is a patronymic surname originating from Scotland and Scandinavia. Its spelling variations typically include Matheson, Mattison, Mathieson, and Mathewson. According to House of Names, other spelling variants are Mathyson, Mathisen, and Matthison. This name could also be encountered as "MacMathan", in Gaelic meaning "son of the bear", especially in the regions it originally comes from.

There are also variations in spelling due to regional pronunciation differences and mistakes made by early record keepers. Thus, many of these surnames have more than one form. Patronymic names often change their form as they are passed down through family lines, and spelling variations can also be found in early documents where phonetic spelling was often used. Therefore, the same person could, theoretically, be listed under several different spellings in historical documents.

Moreover, similar surnames may exist across different cultures and languages having similar origin, making it tricky to accurately determine similar surnames with same origin. All these surnames refer to "son of Matthew" or "son of Mathan" which originates from the Hebrew name Mathan, meaning "gift of God".

Famous people with the name Matheison

  • Terence Matheison: American actor
  • Johnathan Matheison: English singer and songwriter
  • Frederick Matheison: American photographer
  • Stacie Matheison: Australian fashion designer
  • Stephen Matheison: French tenor
  • Isobel Matheison: Scottish artist
  • Cory Matheison: Canadian entrepreneur
  • Gilbert Matheison: German academic
  • Joseph Matheison: American football player
  • Jovan Matheison: South African politician
  • Monica Matheison: British actress
  • Roger Matheison: British actor
  • Nia Matheison: American choreographer
  • Aristide Matheison: Italian engineer
  • Henry Matheison: Welsh composer

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