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Surname Mathesius - Meaning and Origin

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Mathesius: What does the surname Mathesius mean?

The last name Mathesius is of German origin and is derived from the personal name Mathes, which means “Gift from God”. It is the source of variants including Mathison, Matheson and Mathewson.

The Mathesius family was originally from Prussia, which is now part of modern-day Germany. The family moved to the United States in the 19th century in search of religious freedom and economic opportunity.

Mathesius is more often seen in America than it is in Prussia. As one of the earliest immigrants from Germany to the United States, the Mathesius family made its home in the Midwest, as well as the Northeastern and Western states.

According to records, some members of the Mathesius family even enlisted during the American Civil War. In the 1970s, the Mathesius family started a manufacturing business focusing on metal refinishing and plating products.

The meaning of the name Mathesius carries a rich history and deep meaning. The family’s history and commitment to hard work, education, and faith have made them respected members of the community in the United States. The family can proudly trace their roots all the way back to Germany and continue to work hard to maintain their legacy.

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Mathesius: Where does the name Mathesius come from?

The last name Mathesius is most commonly found today in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, and Poland. In Germany, the name Mathesius can be traced back to regions of Schleswig-Holstein, which was part of the Kingdom of Denmark until the late 19th century. Among the Netherlands, the surname Mathesius is primarily found in the northern parts of the country, especially in and around the cities of Groningen and Emmen.

In the Czech Republic, the surname spread mainly from the region of Silesia to Moravia and parts of Bohemia. Records indicate Mathesius can be found in Slovakian regions such as Presov, Bardejov, Liptovsky, and Hont. In Austria, the name is most popular in the Styria regions and in Vienna. In Denmark, the surname is mainly found among Germans who immigrated to the country in the 19th century, while records in Poland point to the existence of Mathesius from the mid-18th century.

In addition to the countries discussed above, the last name Mathesius can also be found in other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, and Finland.

Variations of the surname Mathesius

The surname Mathesius is a German patronymic surname derived from the personal name Matthias meaning "gift of God". It is commonly found among the German-speaking population, particularly in Central European countries such as Austria and Germany.

The variants of Mathesius include the spellings Matheis, Mathes, Mathesich, Mathesi, Mathesie, Mathez, Mathezius, Mathezs, Mathezsich, Mathezz, Mathezzi, Matisy, Matthäi, Matthei, Mattheis, Matthey, Matthis, Matthäus, and Matthiass.

The surnames of similar origin are Matheisz, Mathess, Mathias, Matthey, Matthes, Matthew, and Matthias.

Aside from being found in Central Europe, the surname Mathesius is also common in other countries and regions with German or German-speaking populations, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and parts of South America. It is also sometimes found in Scandinavian countries with a Germanic history, such as Sweden and Norway.

Famous people with the name Mathesius

  • Gerhard Mathesius (1901-1984): German philologist and literary scholar.
  • Klaus Mathesius (1912-1985): German footballer and coach.
  • Lucie Mathesius (1924-2016): German actress.
  • Sigrid Mathesius (1897-1978): German music educator.
  • Waldemar Mathesius (1885-1974): German theologian.
  • Michael Mathesius (born 1944): German physicist.
  • Wilhelm Mathesius (1882-1971): German conductor and composer.
  • Ulf Mathesius (born 1949): German philosopher, musicologist and music theorist.
  • Fritz Mathesius (1853-1912): German neurologist and psychiatrist.
  • Jürgen Mathesius (1921-1949): German classical philologist and translator.

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