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Surname Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden - Meaning and Origin

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Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden: What does the surname Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden mean?

The last name Mauldin, Maulding, Maulden, and Malden, are all closely associated and most likely derived from the Old French name De Maudeville. The name was given to families who lived in various municipalities around Normandy in France, and each variant of the name was used to uniquely identify different branches of the Maudeville family. A person with the last name Mauldin, Maulding, Maulden, or Malden, would have likely been descended from an ancestor from the Maudeville family in France.

The original form of the name in France was Maudavillais, which was derived from the words "meudeville", meaning a meadow, and "villa", meaning a village. Thus, anyone with one of these last names likely has ancestral ties to French locations near meadows.

The spelling of the name has changed over the hundreds of years since, due to a variety of reasons. One possibility is that the spelling could have been somehow altered by officials while attempting to create a record of family lineage for legal or taxation purposes. Another is that the spelling would have changed as a result of the various migrations that people with the surname have made since.

The prevalence of the name is varied. The spelling of Mauldin is more commonly found in the Southern part of the United States, while the other spellings are relatively uncommon. However, no matter which spelling is used, the source and origin of the name is the same - Maudeville in Normandy, France.

Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden: Where does the name Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden come from?

The last name Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden (which are all variations of one another) is most often found in the United States, particularly the South and Central regions. People with this last name can also be found in Canada, as well as the Caribbean countries of Jamaica, Barbados, St. Kitts, and Nevis.

Mauldin is an Americanized version of an English name that originated from the Old English elements “mǣl” and “dūn,” which translate to “a bare hill.” It is most common in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Maulding is primarily an Irish name and is thought to be an Anglicized variation of the Gaelic “Mac Giolla Dhuinn” which translates to “son of the black man.” It is most commonly found in the northern Irish provinces of Antrim and Down.

In reverse, Maulden is the English version of the Gaelic “Mac Giolla Dhuinn,” and is found mainly in the East Midlands and South East of England.

Finally, Malden has multiple documented origins from English, Irish, and Scottish roots. It is sometimes found as an anglicized version of the Gaelic “Mac Giolla Dhuinn” and other times as an English name derived from “Maiden” or a place name such as “Maidenhead.” This variation of the name is most common in Essex, East Sussex, and Kent.

Variations of the surname Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden

Mauldin, Maulding, Maulden, and Malden all have common origins. The surname originally appeared as “Mauld” in Old English, deriving from the word “mmald”, meaning “meadow”. Originally, the surname designated a person who lived in or near a meadow. The surname spread across Europe and eventually became Anglicized.

The variants of the surname Mauldin include Maulding, Maulden, Malden, and Maudlin. Maulding and Maulden often appear as the most common spellings of the surname, depending on whether it is being spelled with a double “l” or a single “l”. In some cases, Maulden is also spelled as Maudlin. Additionally, Malden is a variant of Mauldin, as the spelling was often altered when it came to the Americas. This variant, along with the other spellings, can be found among various nationalities.

In conclusion, Mauldin, Maulding, Maulden, and Malden all have a shared ancestry from Old English, and are different variations on the spelling of the same surname. This surname is also found among several other nationalities that have Anglicized the spelling into their respective languages.

Famous people with the name Mauldin Maulding Maulden Malden

  • Bill Mauldin: cartoonist responsible for the famous World War II cartoon, Willie and Joe
  • Corbin Mauldin: wide receiver and former NFL player
  • Wes Mauldin: former American football player
  • Holly Mauldin: American broadcast journalist
  • Patsy Maulden: British operatic soprano and stage actress
  • Phil Mauldin: American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer
  • Ty Maulden: American football player
  • Jody Maulden: American professional wrestler
  • Mollie Maulden: British film actress best known for her roles in The Wind in the Willows and The Tale of Little Pig Robinson
  • Lewis Mauldin: American actor and opera singer
  • Pat Maulden: American basketball player
  • Jack Maulden: Canadian bronze medal-winning Olympian in the men's freestyle wrestling event
  • Jim Mauldin: American CEO, author and strategist
  • Michael Maulden: American entrepreneur and inventor
  • Peter Maulden: British screenwriter, playwright, theatre director, and academic
  • Robert Maulden: Australian composer, conductor, professor, and former director of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • William Maulden: American Universalist minister, newspaper editor, and social reformer

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