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Surname McAmis - Meaning and Origin

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McAmis: What does the surname McAmis mean?

The surname McAmis is of Scottish origin, believed to have been first used by an ancient Scottish tribe known as the Strathclyde-Britons. The name is derived from the Gaelic word "MacAmhalghaidh", which translates to "son of Amlaíb". Amlaíb is a personal name of a Norse origin that means "relic of the ancestors".

Most Scottish names are derived from native Gaelic personal names, and McAmis is also formed by the common pattern of adding the prefix “Mac”, which means ‘son of’. The name may have initially been bestowed as a patronymic nickname to denote someone who was the son of Amlaíb.

The spelling of Scottish surnames can vary greatly, due to the recording process which relied on how the registrar heard the name pronounced, therefore, over the years, McAmis might have been spelled in many different ways, including MacAmie, MacAmy, McAmie, McAmis, and others.

Over time, many bearers of the surname McAmis immigrated to the United States from Scotland and the name has been well-established in the US.

McAmis: Where does the name McAmis come from?

The surname McAmis is of Scottish origin. It is believed to derive from the Gaelic name "MacThomas," which means "son of Thomas." Over time and through linguistic variations and anglicization, MacThomas evolved into forms like McComas, McCombs, and eventually McAmis.

Like many Scottish surnames, McAmis spread to other locations due to patterns of migration, particularly during the period of Scottish diaspora in the 18th and 19th century when many Scots emigrated due to poverty, famine, and political unrest. The surname can now be found in places where Scots settled, most notably in the United States and Canada. Presently, the surname McAmis appears to be most prevalent in the United States, particularly in regions with historically high Scottish immigration such as the East Coast and Southern states. However, it remains a fairly uncommon surname even in these regions. In Scotland itself, the variations of MacThomas are more commonly observed today.

Variations of the surname McAmis

The surname McAmis appears to be of Gaelic origin, although it's not as common as many other surnames with the "Mc" prefix. Therefore, determining variant spellings or related surnames isn't as straightforward. It could possibly be derived from the surname "MacThomas," suggesting that it might stand for "Son of Thomas." However, it could have also adopted different spellings over time due to phonetic translations and regional dialects.

Alternative spellings or variations can include MacAmis, McAmish, McAmiss, MacAmish, McAmus, and McAmiss, amongst others. Other related surnames might be those beginning with "Mc/Mac" and ending in "-is" or "-us," as these could be phonetically similar or derive from the same root. Also, sometimes the surname McAmis can be found without the prefix 'Mc' becoming simply 'Amis'.

Overall, tracing the exact lineage and variations of less common surnames such as McAmis might require detailed genealogical research. This information serves as a general guide based on the typical patterns and changes observed in surnames rooted in Gaelic languages.

Famous people with the name McAmis

  • Jessica McAmis: Artist and medical illustrator
  • Coulter McAmis: Actor
  • Jack McAmis: Retired professional football player
  • Brett McAmis: Minor league baseball player
  • Charly McAmis: Professional Gymnast
  • Rebecca McAmis: World class swimmer
  • Iris McAmis: Journalist and writer
  • Steve McAmis: Professional drag racer
  • Gary McAmis: Professional golfer
  • Rebecca McAmis: Professional figure skater
  • Joe McAmis: U.S. Army Major General
  • William McAmis: Musician, composer, and recording engineer
  • John McAmis: Award-winning Architect
  • Max McAmis: Animation producer
  • Katherine McAmis: Radio talk show host
  • Lamar McAmis: Poet and author
  • Bertha McAmis: Law professor
  • James McAmis: NASA scientist
  • Sean McAmis: Director in the movie industry
  • Payton McAmis: NHL hockey player

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