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Surname McAnally - Meaning and Origin

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McAnally: What does the surname McAnally mean?

McAnally is an Irish surname of Gaelic origin. It is derived from the Gaelic "Mac an Fhailghigh", which translates to "son of the poor man". A variant of the name, McAnelly, also exists. Irish families bearing this name were typically found in the region of Fermanagh. Like many Gaelic surnames, McAnally was anglicized during the 17th and 18th centuries, a period of immense socio-political change and forced cultural assimilation in Ireland. Consequently, the name’s original Gaelic spelling and pronunciation have largely been lost over time. Despite this, many descendants of the original McAnally family still bear this name today, in Ireland and throughout the world.

McAnally: Where does the name McAnally come from?

The surname McAnally is Irish, derived from Mac an Fhailghigh, which translates to "son of the poor man." It’s especially associated with the region of Breifne, which was a medieval territory stretching from modern-day County Leitrim across County Cavan to County Fermanagh. Other interpretations of the name's source speculate it may have originated from a Gaelic phrase meaning "son of the wolf."

While the name arose in Ireland, the diaspora of Irish families during potato famine in the 19th century caused Irish last names, like McAnally, to spread around the globe. Today, the name is still widespread in Ireland but it is also common in countries that received a significant number of Irish immigrants, particularly the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. The highest concentrations of McAnally families are found in the United States, especially in Texas.

Variations of the surname McAnally

The surname McAnally originates from the Irish surname Mac an Fhailghigh, which translates to "son of the poor man." It's commonly found in the Irish counties of Fermanagh and Monaghan.

Variants and alternate spellings of McAnally include McAnalley, McAnelly, McInally, McEnally, McAnalty, McInalty, McNally, McAnealy, McAnilly, and McAnelly. Less common variants may include McAnley and McAnelly.

This surname can often be found with various prefixes too, such as “Mac” or “O",” which can lead to further variations. It may also be simplified to Anally, especially after immigration to English-speaking countries where the "Mc" prefix was often dropped.

The spelling variations of this surname, as with many surnames of Irish origin, are attributable to how it has been recorded over centuries in official documents and church registers. The surname has sometimes been anglicized when Irish individuals or families moved to English-speaking countries, leading to further variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Surnames such as McNulty and McAnulty, although similar-sounding, are not variants of McAnally as they come from a different Irish root, "Mac an Ultaigh", meaning "son of the Ulsterman".

Famous people with the name McAnally

  • Mac McAnally — Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist
  • Bryan McAnally — American Football Player
  • Erin McAnally — Actress
  • Dan McAnally — Stock Car Driver
  • Roger McAnally — Football Coach
  • Andrew McAnally — Professional Football Player
  • Roger L. McAnally — American Runner
  • Ricky McAnally — American Racecar Driver
  • Corey McAnally — American Football Player
  • Lewis McAnally — American Football Player

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