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Surname McCalmont - Meaning and Origin

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McCalmont: What does the surname McCalmont mean?

The surname McCalmont is of Scottish origin and is found chiefly in Ireland. It is derived from the Gaelic Mac Giolla Mhic, meaning "son of the devotee of St. Mac". This reference is to the surname MacGillivray, an old clan name in Scotland and Ireland.

The McCalmont family was first found in the historic County of Argyllshire in the Western Highlands of Scotland. Historically, many branches of the McCalmont family are thought to have descended from a younger son of the MacGillivray Clan.

This family had long been associated with the religious life of Scotland, and its members held positions as clerics and preachers to many of the church's in the area. They were associated sacramental roles and involved in the life of the church in Scotland until the 1800s.

The McCalmonts were part of the many Scots displaced in later centuries through Highland Clearances and Emigration. Many moved to Ulster in Northern Ireland during this period and enjoyed the relative peace and prosperity that was available here, followed by increased emigration to the USA and around the world.

Today the name McCalmont is still associated with families in Scotland, Ireland and indeed around the world. Though some families have left the religious life that their ancestors so strongly held, the name McCalmont is still one that is well known within its ancestral homeland and connected to its long religious history.

McCalmont: Where does the name McCalmont come from?

The last name McCalmont is today most commonly found in the United States, particularly throughout the western half. Families with this surname originally emigrated from Scotland in the 18th century and have since settled throughout the American midwest. The most populous states with the surname are California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Illinois. This name is also found in notable numbers in the Canadian province of Ontario.

In the United States, the McCalmont name is most heavily concentrated in the city of Los Angeles, California. It is also particularly popular in the states of Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. In Ontario, this name is most commonly found in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, and London.

The McCalmont surname is unusual and distinct, making it easily distinguishable from other names. Despite the widespread geographical coverage of the McCalmonts, family members with this surname still have a strong sense of connectedness and pride. Due to a shared background and common name, McCalmonts across the world are historically close and maintain networking ties. The surname is a unique source of identity for members across America and Canada, a source of linking family histories and heritages.

Variations of the surname McCalmont

The McCalmont surname is a variant of the Irish surname MacCalmont which is derived from the Scottish MacDonald clan. It is sometimes spelt as McCalmont, McCallum, McCalman, McCalman, McColman, McCorleone, MacCalman, MacColman, MacKalman, MacKelman and MacKelmont.

The Mac prefix in Scottish and Irish surnames indicates a son or descendant, and the origin of the McCalmont surname likely lies in the Gaelic Mag Calmain (which roughly translates as “son of Calman”). While the origin of the name Calman or Calmain is unknown, the phrase is thought to indicate the descendent of a bald man or a tonsured man.

Variants of the McCalmont surname include McCalman, McColman, McColm, McCorleone, McCalmon, MacCalman, MacColman, MacKalman, MacKelman, and MacKelmont. Such variations are known to be older variations of the name, or name adaptations of immigrants from other countries (i.e. McCorleone).

The McCalmont surname has been known to appear on several historical documents such as census records, birth certificates, marriage records, death certificates and more. The name has also been present in several archaeological excavations and were most popularly found in Co. Monaghan, Co. Armagh and Co. Clare, Ireland.

There are currently several people believed to bear the McCalmont name around the world, some of the locations include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland, among others.

Famous people with the name McCalmont

  • Crystal McCalmont: American makeup artist
  • Avery McCalmont: Former professional hockey player
  • Lucy McCalmont: English actress
  • Matthew McCalmont: Australian rugby union player
  • Piers McCalmont: English golf club maker
  • Jessica McCalmont: Canadian professional ice skater
  • Earl McCalmont: American politician
  • Alex McCalmont: Native American bronze medalist in bullet shooting
  • Arthur McCalmont: Irish football player
  • Caron McCalmont: British rhythmic gymnast

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