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Surname McCranie - Meaning and Origin

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McCranie: What does the surname McCranie mean?

The last name McCranie is of Scottish origin. It is thought to have derived from the Gaelic word ‘Macradhain’, meaning ‘son of Ranald’. Historically, Ranald was a given name borne by clan chiefs of the Scottish highlands.

The clan which took the name originated in the Parishes of Strath, Laughlin and Tiree in the Earl of Argyll's lands in Argyllshire in Scotland. The McCranie Clan was believed to be formed from an off-shoot of the MacDonalds of Clan Ranald of Argyll. During the 1600s, they spread out and established settlements throughout Scotland including the Lowlands.

As a result, the surname McCranie can be found in many countries including The United States of America, Scotland, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, and Australia. The name may be seen in various spellings including the popular form; McCraney.

The McCranie family is believed to have a strong cultural identity, being united by a history of resilience, and an unwavering commitment to their faith and clansmen. The name and its various derivatives continues to be associated with the values of hard work, honour, and communal pride - values which remain relevant today.

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McCranie: Where does the name McCranie come from?

The last name McCranie is most commonly found today throughout the southeastern United States. The most predominant concentrations of McCranie are in Georgia and Alabama, though it has spread to other states in the region.

In Georgia, McCranie is especially common in the counties of Muskogee, Bibb, and Coffee. In Alabama, there is a notable concentration of McCranie in the counties of Chilton and Elmore.

This family name is also quite common in Eastern North Carolina, particularly in the counties of Johnston, Sampson, and Lenoir. These regions also make up a majority of the states where McCranie can be found.

Outside of the Southeastern United States, McCranie is not as common. Large concentrations of the name can be found in western Texas in the cities of San Angelo, Abilene, and Andrews, as well as in a few Oklahoma and Mississippi counties.

It is believed that McCranie is of Scottish origin. It is possible that members of the family may have settled in the southeastern United States sometime in the late 1700’s, since it is known that many Scots were among the settlers of the region.

Variations of the surname McCranie

Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname McCranie include McCraney, McCraney, McCrane, MacCrannoch, McGranor, MacRane, MacKraan, MacCrannie, and MacGrannach.

The surname McCranie is thought to be of Irish heritage and is likely derived from the Gaelic MacRaith or Mac Rí, meaning "son of grace." In Scotland, the surname is linked to the Clan Lamont, a sept of Clan Galbraith; however, the name does not appear to be traditionally a clan name in Ireland.

In the United States, the spelling may have been changed to McCraney or McCrane; however, in Scotland, the original spelling can still be found. Other related surnames include McClernon, MacCrannock, MacLernon, and MacRory.

The surname McCranie can also take the form of MacCraan, MacCrady, or MacGrannoch. Other variants and spellings of the name include MacCrain, MacRaine, MacCraner, MacCraine, MacCraney, and MacCraene.

McCranie is a modern surname, first appearing on the census records in Scotland around 1795. It is most commonly found in the Ulster Scots province of Northern Ireland, and in small numbers in the United States.

Famous people with the name McCranie

  • B.J. McCranie: Fashion Retailer
  • Faith McCranie: Businesswoman and Chair of the Orange County Mayor's Office
  • C.K. McCranie: Businessman and founder of the Georgia Powerhouse Group
  • Robert McCranie: Actor and featured in the Netflix series Ozark
  • James McCranie: Wealth Management Specialist
  • Charlie McCranie: Former professional baseball player
  • Stephen McCranie: Cartoonist and Author
  • Pat McCranie: Grammy Award-winning artist
  • Sarah McCranie: Country Singer-Songwriter
  • Eric McCranie: Web Developer and Computer Programmer

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