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Surname McCreight - Meaning and Origin

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McCreight: What does the surname McCreight mean?

The last name McCreight is Scottish in origin. Derived from the Gaelic language, the name likely originated as a byname for someone with a dark or swarthy complexion. This is supported by the fact that the name is believed to be derived from the Old Gaelic words ‘Mac-riocht’, which means ‘son of right’, as well as root words ‘Mac’ meaning ‘son of’ and ‘riocht’ meaning ‘dark’.

The surname McCreight is most commonly found associated with clan MacDonald which is one of the prominent Scottish clans in the Highlands. The heritage of the clan dates back to the Norsemen; when in 1050, King legendary MacSomerled led the clan to victory against the Norsemen and hence, established the clan in the Hebrides.

McCreight is currently a widespread surname in Scotland, with the clan taking roots deeply within the Lowlands and the Highlands. Outside Scotland, the surname is relatively rare; from around 2000 to 2008, only 16 individuals in the US alone were recorded with the surname.

The legacy of the McCreight name is one of Blair history, a clan of warriors who fought for freedom and founded the proud old MacDonald Scottish clan. Beyond the rich heritage, the name itself stands for ‘son of right’, a Scottish sentiment of courage and resilience.

McCreight: Where does the name McCreight come from?

The last name McCreight is most commonly found in Northern Ireland and the United States. It is believed to have originated from Scotland, however, as many immigrants settled in the area and so the name spread from there.

In Northern Ireland, the McCreight name is most commonly found around Belfast and Londonderry. McCreight is one of the most popular surnames in Antrim County and is also found in other nearby counties in the north east. The presence of the McCreight name in this area dates back to at least the mid-18th century.

In the United States, McCreight is primarily found in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York. As with its Irish presence, it can probably be traced back to Scottish settlers in the area. Again, it is quite a popular surname in this area and has been present for many years.

In general, the McCreight name is not particularly common. It is found in parts of Northern Ireland and the United States and has probably spread from Scotland. It is found in locations which have had a notable number of Scottish settlers, especially in the north east United States.

Variations of the surname McCreight

McCreight is an Anglicised form of the Gaelic Mac an Riabhaigh, meaning "son of the king." Variations on the name include MacCreight, McCright, Creight, Creit, and Cright.

Anglicised forms such as McCreight are often seen in many other forms, due to the process of anglicisation or Anglicization. In Scotland, for instance, some forms of the name also appear spelled as McCreith, McCreath, MacCreeth, MacCright, MacCraith, MacCreight, MacCraight, MacCreid, MacRae, MacRaith, and MacRiabhach.

In Ireland, meanwhile, some variations are seen as McFright, MacFrayt, MacFrayte, MacFrait, MacRright, MacFright, McFrayt, MacFritic, MacRitic, MacRight, MacReit, MacRite, MacRit, Macraith, Macrait, Macraithe, and Macrayt.

Furthermore, the name is sometimes seen spelled MacLeay (meaning heir or successor) or McCleay, while in other cases, related names such as McCreadie, McCrodie, McCreadle, Cradock, Sliddell, and Sladell have been used in place of McCreight.

No matter the spelling, all of these variant names trace back to the same origin, and they all ultimately refer to the same surname. It is thought that the McCreight surname originated somewhere in Scotland's Argyllshire region.

Famous people with the name McCreight

  • Kelly McCreight: Kelly McCreight is an American actor, known for her work in 'Two and a Half Men', 'Sabrina: The Teenage Witch', and 'Sabrina Goes to Rome'.
  • James McCreight: James McCreight was a Scottish footballer who played in the 1950s and 1960s. He earned 42 caps for Scotland and scored nine goals in his international career.
  • John McCreight: John McCreight was a politician from Nevada who served as a senator from 1969 to 1975. During his career, he was a major advocate for the legalization of horse racing.
  • Anna Louise McCreight: Anna Louise McCreight was an American industrialist who founded the Indiana Glass Company in 1905. She was extremely influential in the state's glass production industry.
  • Marilyn McCreight: Marilyn McCreight is an American illustrator and author who produces books and illustrations for both children and adults. Most famous works include If You Give a Moose a Muffin and If You Give a Pig a Pancake.
  • Louis McCreight: Louis McCreight was an American professional baseball player who played in the 1920s and 1930s. He was known for his successful stint as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • George McCreight: George McCreight was a British politician who served as a Member of Parliament from 1885 to 1886. He was a representative of the Conservative Party.
  • Primrose McCreight: Primrose McCreight is a singer from Northern Ireland who has made a name for herself as a competitor in the televised singing competition 'The Voice UK'.

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