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Surname McCutchan - Meaning and Origin

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McCutchan: What does the surname McCutchan mean?

McCutchan is a Scottish surname derived from the Gaelic name Mac Uisdein, which means "son of Uisdean", or alternatively from "Mac Uistein". The Scottish Gaelic "Uisdean" or "Uistein" are variations of the English personal name Hugh. The name originates from the Hebrides in Scotland, especially the Isle of Skye. Bearers of this name are believed to be part of Clan Donald North, which is rooted in the northern Hebrides and the County of Ross. Clan members were known for their roles as warriors, seamen, and crofters. In other interpretations, McCutchan could also come from "Mac the Herdsman". However, this is less likely. Over years, the name has had many spelling variations including McCutchin, McCutcheon, MacCutcheon, and others due to regional pronunciations and translations. The name traveled to Northern Ireland during the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century, and later to North America and Australia following waves of immigration. It remains relatively common in these areas today.

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McCutchan: Where does the name McCutchan come from?

The last name McCutchan is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. It is a popular surname in the U.S. states of Kentucky, Virginia and Indiana. It is also very common in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario.

McCutchan is derived from a Scottish surname that has been in use since the 17th century. It originated as a local surname from a place called MacEwen in the parish of Mader in Argyllshire, located in the western highlands of Scotland.

The surname is most popular in the eastern states of Kentucky, Virginia and Indiana, where it has been adopted into the culture for many generations. There are many MacEwen gravestones in the cemeteries of Shelby and Daviess Counties in Kentucky, as well as graves in other regions.

McCutchan also has a significant presence in Alberta, Canada, likely due to its proximity to the western highlands of Scotland. The surname spread to Alberta along with many other immigrants from the United Kingdom.

Overall, the last name McCutchan is a popular Scottish name all over North America, but it has a particularly strong presence in the United States and Canada. It has been adopted into the regional cultures of these two countries, establishing itself as a well-known family name for a long time.

Variations of the surname McCutchan

The surname McCutchan is of Irish and Scottish origin, and is a variation of the Gaelic MacEachan or MacEachern. Its variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include:

MacCuthan, MacCuthon, MacCuithein, MacCuithen, MacCuithenn, MacCuithenne, MacEachern, MacEachernn, MacEchann, MacIcheson, MacIchon, MacKethon, MacCadan, MacCaithan, MacCaithian, MacCaithon, MacCathan, MacCathan, MacCethen, MacCudean, MacCudenn, MacEachem, MacEachene, MacEchon, MacIchon, MacKathan, MacKchon, Macthain, MacCuathan, MecCuthan, MacKacheen, MacKachin, MacKachon, MacKechin.

Each of these spellings may also have additional variants depending the language and region of origin. For example, MacIcheson may also appear as MacAcheson, and MacKchon as MacKechon. This surname is still commonly found in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as amongst the Scottish diaspora throughout the world.

The original Gaelic form of this name is generally MacEachan, meaning "son of Eacan," although in some cases the spelling has taken on a more recent rendition of MacEachern, meaning "son of Eacherd." The personal name Eacan—the ancestor of this surname—is of uncertain origin, although some suggest it derives from the Old Gaelic word ech meaning "horse."

Famous people with the name McCutchan

  • Jon McCutchan: American musician and composer.
  • Nellie McCutchan: American silent film actress.
  • John McCutchan: American football player.
  • P. T. McCutchan: American poet.
  • Richard McCutchan: English actor.
  • Ella McCutchan: American aviator and volunteer.
  • J.M. McCutchan: Indiana politician.
  • Jennifer McCutchan: American poet and scholar.
  • Robert McCutchan: American landscape artist.
  • John McCutchan: scriptwriter for the animated series Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • Niles McCutchan: U.S. Navy officer and aviator.
  • Jesse McCutchan: American jazz drummer.
  • James McCutchan: Northern Irish Presbyterian minister.
  • Lydie McCutchan: American civil rights activist.
  • Paul McCutchan: English actor and composer.
  • Kenneth McCutchan: American football coach.
  • Stephen McCutchan: Australian composer and entertainer.
  • Audrey McCutchan: Australian politician.
  • Douglas McCutchan: American singer and songwriter.
  • Pearle McCutchan: American lawyer.

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