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Surname McDade - Meaning and Origin

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McDade: What does the surname McDade mean?

The surname McDade is of Irish origin and is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name "Mac Daibhéid," which means "son of David." The personal name David refers to the biblical king David and means "beloved." Therefore, the surname McDade is associated with descent from a beloved one. It's common in parts of Northern Ireland, including county Tyrone and Derry. The variations of this surname include McDaid, McDevitt, McDavitt, and others. Over the years, many individuals with the surname McDade have migrated to various parts of the world, including the United States and Australia, partly due to the historical Great Famine in Ireland. Although the surname McDade has a deep-rooted history in Gaelic cultures, its bearers today can be found in diverse global communities and professions.

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McDade: Where does the name McDade come from?

The last name McDade is of Gaelic and Irish origin. It is derived from the Irish name Mac Daibheid, which means a son of David, similar to David's son or David's kin. Traced back to the ancient King David of Israel, indicating a connection with the biblical King David.

The surname McDade is more common in Northern Ireland, particularly in the counties of Antrim and Londonderry. It's also dispersed among Irish diaspora around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

While the surname is still widely distributed and present in high numbers in Ireland, emigration over the centuries has led to a worldwide spread. Thus, it is also common today in countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia, where many people of Irish descent have settled. The surname has undergone variations in spelling which include McDaid, McDevitt, and Devitt, among others, which are also widely found in these regions.

Variations of the surname McDade

The surname McDade is of Irish origin and means 'son of David'. It has several spellings and variations due to the translation from Gaelic to English, regional dialects, and phonetic spellings. The name McDade can also be spelled McDaed, McDaids, McDayed, McDaid, McDead, Dade, Daid, Dadey, Davit, and Dade.

In Ireland, it primarily derives from the native Gaelic O'Davitt sept, located in Counties Donegal and Sligo. In Scotland, the name might be linked to Davidsons, which is also a patronymic name meaning 'son of David'.

Some branches of the McDades anglicized their name to Davison or Davidson once they immigrated to English-speaking countries. Other variations include MacDade, Davitt, Devitt, McDavitt, MacDavit and others.

These variations are not only seen in spelling but also in pronunciation, which can also affect the spelling. For example, in Ireland, especially in the North, the name can be pronounced with a hard 't' (as in "Dade") or a soft 'd' (as in "Daed"). In this case, the name might be spelled according to its pronunciation, leading to further variants.

It's essential to remember that the use of different spellings doesn't always indicate a different family line - many are just different versions of the same original surname.

Famous people with the name McDade

  • John E. McDade: third Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corps and the first African-American to hold this rank.
  • Sam McDade: professional golfer who won four tournaments on the Tour.
  • Brad McDade: NFL player who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1996–2000.
  • Damond McDade: professional basketball player who currently plays in France.
  • Heather Mcdade: voice actress and singer who has voiced characters in various world-renowned video games and anime.
  • Jim McDade: former Major League Baseball pitcher who played from 1948-1960.
  • Joan McDade: American TV actress best known for playing numerous characters on the soap operas Santa Barbara and The Young and the Restless.
  • Jeff McDade: Olympic fencer who competed in the 1984 Los Angeles games.
  • Matthew McDade: Professional wrestler who worked with several major promotions including WCW and NWA:TNA.
  • Marcel McDade: NFL running back who played with the Houston Texans from 2003–2006.

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