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Surname McGeehan - Meaning and Origin

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McGeehan: What does the surname McGeehan mean?

The surname McGeehan is Irish in origin and is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name "Mag Aoidháin." This name is a patronymic form meaning it was derived from the name of a father or ancestor of the initial bearer. In this case, it comes from 'Mag Aoidh' which meaning "son of Hugh". Hugh itself comes from the old Gaelic name 'Aodh' which means "fire", a name often given to the Celtic God of the Sun. Thus, the surname essentially signifies a descendant or son of Hugh. This surname first started appearing around the 10th century and can be found predominantly in the northern parts of Ireland, especially in Donegal. Like many Irish surnames, the name spread throughout the world due to the Irish diaspora, common from the 17th to late 19th centuries. It’s important to remember that the spelling of the surname can often change over time and can include variations like McGahan, McGeahan, Mageean, and more.

McGeehan: Where does the name McGeehan come from?

The last name McGeehan has Irish origins. It is derived from the Gaelic name "Mag Eachain," which means 'Son of Eachan'. Eachan is a Gaelic personal name formed from elements meaning 'horse' and 'bird'. The surname reflects the strong patronymic traditions of Gaelic society, meaning that surnames typically denote direct descent from a father or grandfather.

Throughout history, the name has been anglicized into multiple forms, including Mageehan, McGeaghan, and Geoghegan. Despite these variations, the name McGeehan has maintained its distinct identity.

The McGeehan surname is common in Northern Ireland today, specifically in County Donegal. Globally, there have been migrations over centuries, leading to a spread of the McGeehan population. As a result, you can also find McGeehans in various parts of the world, notably the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. Despite this dispersal, the highest concentration of McGeehans per capita is still found in Ireland.

Variations of the surname McGeehan

The surname McGeehan originated from Gaelic "Mac Gaoithin", which means son of Gaoithin, "Gaoithin" being a personal name derived from the word "gaoth," meaning clever or wise.

It has many variations due to anglicization, mistranslations and misspellings over time. Variants and spellings of the surname McGeehan include Mageehan, MaGeehan, Geehan, Geehin, Gehan, and Geaghan. Furthermore, other versions of the name might drop the "Mc" or "Mac" prefix, creating additional variations such as Geehan or Geaghan.

Other surnames like McGeoghegan, McGeogh, McGee, and McGahan, though phonetically similar to McGeehan, are separate and distinct, deriving from different Gaelic roots and families.

Lastly, spelling and pronunciation could also be influenced by regional dialects in Ireland, as well as by the transcription and interpretation of census and immigration officers in countries where Irish emigrants settled. Hence, versions of the name could differ widely between different geographical areas.

It's also worthy to note that many Irish surnames like McGeehan were spelled phonetically during the times of mass immigration to America, which has led to many variations of surnames that trace back to a common origin.

Famous people with the name McGeehan

  • Brendan McGeehan, an American entrepreneur and game industry veteran.
  • Tristan McGeehan, a news anchor in Indianapolis.
  • Aidan McGeehan, a British Junior King's Cup Flying Champion.
  • Millie McGeehan, American fashion designer.
  • Erin McGeehan, a Paralympic swimmer from Ireland.
  • Tyler McGeehan, an American professional basketball player.
  • Summer McGeehan, an actress and writer from Canada.
  • Grant McGeehan, an American diver.
  • Michael McGeehan, an Australian soccer player.
  • Bronwyn McGeehan, an Australian environmental artist.
  • Trina McGeehan, an American actress best known for her role as Angela Moore on the ABC TV show, Boy Meets World.
  • Kacy McGeehan, an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 13.and J.O. McGeehan, a United States Army Officer who achieved the rank of Major General.

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