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Surname McGillicuddy - Meaning and Origin

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McGillicuddy: What does the surname McGillicuddy mean?

McGillicuddy is a Scottish surname that is derived from an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Gille Chuidhir, meaning "son of the devotee or follower of Saint Cudér". This saint was a disciple of Colm Cille, who was an Irish monk and founder of the Church of Ireland.

The origin of the McGillicuddy surname is located in the Connemara region of western Ireland, in County Mayo. It is thought that the McGillicuddy family arrived in the region centuries ago, having fled the central part of Ireland to escape religious persecution. In doing so, they settled in Connemara and the surrounding counties, contributing to what became known as the “Tribe of Mayo”.

The McGillicuddy coat of arms, which dates back to 1596, includes a chevron with an ax over it, symbolizing defense, protection, and strength of character. This design was adopted by the family when their moved to Scotland in the 17th century.

Today the McGillicuddy name is associated with a sense of loyalty, strength of character, and a willingness to help others. Although the origin of the name may have been rooted in adversity and exile, its legacy is that of a powerful and enduring people who have persevered despite adversity and continued to build meaningful and resilient relationships.

McGillicuddy: Where does the name McGillicuddy come from?

The last name McGillicuddy is most commonly found in Ireland and Scotland. In Ireland, the McGillicuddy surname originated in counties Cork and Kerry. It is also found in the Ulster Province.

In Scotland, McGillicuddys can be found across the country but mostly concentrated in Morayshire, Aberdeenshire, and Lanarkshire.

In the United States, McGillicuddy is most commonly found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California. It is estimated that there are over 1000 McGillicuddys in the US today.

In Canada, the McGillicuddy surname is concentrated in the province of Nova Scotia. It is more common in the eastern portion of the province, and less than a hundred McGillicuddys live outside of Nova Scotia.

Throughout the world, McGillicuddy is an uncommon surname. The largest cluster of McGillicuddys lives in Ireland, followed by the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname McGillicuddy

McGillicuddy is a surname of Irish origin. Most commonly found in Counties Cork and Kerry, the name is derived from the Gaelic words 'Mac' and 'Giolla Mochuda' which mean 'son of the devoted servant'. Variants, spellings and other surnames with the same origin as McGillicuddy include the following:

McGillicuddy: M'Gillicuddy

McGillycuddy: Mac Gille Mochuda, Mac Gillecuddy, Magillicuddy, MacGillicuddy, MacGillycuddy, Mc Gillicuddie, McGillicuddie, MacGilliecuddy, McGilycuddy

Mac Giolla Mochuda: MacGillMoghuda, MacGillmochuda, MacGillamoguda, MacGillamochada, MacGillamaochada

MacGillocuddy: MacGillocuddie

McGilly: MacGilly, McKilly, MacGiolla, McGill, McGilly

Other spellings and variants of McGillicuddy may also exist, yet these are the most common. There are also a number of other surnames which are quite similar to McGillicuddy and have the same origin, such as McGilly, McKilly, Maguillicuddy, and MacGilliocuddy.

Many of these spellings and variants can be found in both contemporary times and in records prior to the 19th Century, indicating the surname's ancient path across Ireland.

Famous people with the name McGillicuddy

  • Denis McGillicuddy: Award-winning American documentary filmmaker
  • Colin McGillicuddy: American comedian
  • Charles McGillicuddy: Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Matt McGillicuddy: Award-winning American actor
  • Angela McGillicuddy: Canadian politician
  • Patrick McGillicuddy: American documentary filmmaker
  • Alfred McGillicuddy: 19th-century politician from Maine
  • Rev. Robert McGillicuddy: Late-19th century Catholic clergyman from Pennsylvania
  • Robert McGillicuddy: 20th century American opera singer
  • Christine McGillicuddy: American actress and beauty pageant contestant
  • Laurence McGillicuddy: Major general in the United States Air Force
  • John McGillicuddy: American banker and Chairman of the Board of First Bank System
  • David McGillicuddy: American psychologist
  • James McGillicuddy: 19th-century American state senator
  • Ed McGillicuddy: 20th-century American baseball player

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