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Surname McGookin - Meaning and Origin

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McGookin: What does the surname McGookin mean?

The last name McGookin is a Scottish surname. It is a variant of the Gaelic name McGugan and means ‘son of Gibhainn’. Gibhainn is a personal name that is derived from the Gaelic ‘gobha’, which means ‘smith’. This is a reference to a skilled metalworker, such as a swordsmith, armorer, or blacksmith. McGookin is believed to have originated in the Argyllshire region of Scotland.

The earliest record of this surname is found in the 16th century in Scotland, so it has been passed down for generations. The first spelling of the name was MacGugan, and the spelling has evolved into McGookin over the centuries.

Many McGookin families emigrated to America in the early 1800s in search of new opportunities, and today the McGookin surname is quite common throughout the United States.

The McGookin surname is a fascinating reflection of history and Scottish heritage, and has become a prominent symbol of a proud, hardworking people.

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McGookin: Where does the name McGookin come from?

The last name McGookin is most common in Scotland and Ireland. It originated as a derivation of the Scottish Gaelic MacGugan, which translates roughly to "son of the little lad". The McGookin name is found mainly in the counties of Antrim, Down, and Donegal in Northern Ireland. It also appears to have originated in Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and Renfrewshire in Scotland. The population of people with the McGookin surname is estimated to be around 1000 people in both counties.

McGookins mainly lived in rural farming or fishing communities, but there is now a significant number of them who have spread around the world, particularly within the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. There are also many present-day residents with this surname in the United States.

McGookins are commonly referred to as being "hardy, hands- on, and honest people with strong Scots-Irish characteristics" - traits that they have passed down through many generations.

If you are lucky enough to have a McGookin in your family, you should be proud to be a part of an extended McGookin clan that is proud of its ancestral roots.

Variations of the surname McGookin

The surname McGookin can take a variety of variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin. These include MacGookin, McGoogan, McGoogin, Magoogan, Macgoukian, MacGochan, McGoorey, MacGurery, McGurkin, and even MacGorrigan.

The mac prefix in many of these names is derived from a Gaelic word meaning "son of", hence MacGookin literally translates to "son of Gookin". This surname is believed to have originated in northern Ireland. It is a derived from an older Gaelic surname, MacDhubhghaill, which in turn derives from the Old Gaelic name Dubhghall, meaning "dark foreigner".

In Scotland, the McGookin surname has many variations, including MacGuggion, McGoogan, MacGorrigan, Magoogan, MacGurkin, and McGoogin. These spellings may have been influenced by similar-sounding names in the region.

In the United States, the surname McGookin has typically been spelled McGoogan, McGoogin, or MacGookin. It is also sometimes spelled with a hyphen.

No matter what variant is used, the surname McGookin is a unique one with an intriguing history.

Famous people with the name McGookin

  • David McGookin: Professional Basketball Player
  • Gail McGookin: Writer and businesswoman
  • Karen McGookin: Singer and songwriter
  • Joseph McGookin: Professional football player
  • Gresham McGookin: Actor and singer
  • Ryan McGookin: Professional soccer player
  • Philip McGookin: Professional poker player
  • Caroline McGookin: Model
  • Stuart McGookin: Racing driver
  • Stephen McGookin: Musician
  • Graeme McGookin: Sports commentator
  • Terry McGookin: Former Major League Baseball Player
  • Patrick McGookin: Artist and filmmaker
  • Kenny McGookin: Professional golfer
  • Dean McGookin: Professional basketball coach
  • Matthew McGookin: Musician and composer
  • Mary McGookin: Large-scale photographer
  • John McGookin: Professional sailor
  • Tommy McGookin: Musician and songwriter
  • Jessica McGookin: Country music singer

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