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Surname McInturff - Meaning and Origin

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McInturff: What does the surname McInturff mean?

The last name McInturff is of Scottish origin, which hints at its Ancient Celtic roots. The name is believed to have originated from the Gaelic mac an t-srutha, meaning “son of the stream” or “son of the river”. The name is believed to be a topographic name given to people who lived close to a stream or river.

The earliest mention of the name appeared in records of Melrose Abbey in 1248. The use of the name in Scotland is likely to have spread as families moved or emigrated and the name was adopted in other regions.

For example, the McInturf surname appears in the colonial records of colonial North Carolina and Virginia. In 1814, John Palmer McInturff and his wife Mary moved from Lincoln County in North Carolina, to Campbell County in Virginia.

The name has also been changed due to a combination of spelling mistakes and phonetic decisions over the years. For example, it could have been changed for ease of pronunciation, or because of official documentation mistakes, or even as families moved from one region to the next and the name was written down differently.

Overall, the McInturff surname celebrates its ancient Celtic roots but has adopted new forms throughout the ages. It now stands as a representation of the family's history and its connection to the land.

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McInturff: Where does the name McInturff come from?

The last name McInturff is primarily found in the United States today. As of 2018, the last name is most prominently found within the states of Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. When looking at data from the United States Census Bureau, McInturff ranks as the 11,913th most common last name in America, with slightly over 4,000 individuals bearing this name.

Tracing the roots of this name, it is a variation of the ancient Irish name Mac an t’Saoir. This name translates to “son of the craftsman”, and was originally given to individuals who worked in the building trade.

Currently, McInturff is widely scattered across the United States, though it is particularly popular in rural areas. Many McInturffs can be found in the Appalachian region and the Deep South, with some in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

The name is especially popular in the state of Virginia. Approximately 2,500 individuals currently living in this state bear the last name McInturff, and it is ranked as the state’s 1,253rd most common last name. In smaller states with less population, such as Tennessee and Pennsylvania, the name is ranked lower; though the number of individuals only slightly decreases in those locations.

Variations of the surname McInturff

The surname McInturff is derived from the Irish surname MacInturff or Mac an Tuirc, meaning “son of the boar”. Variations of the name include MacIntorff, MacInturf, MacInturff, MacAnturf, and MacAnturff.

In Scotland, the name is usually spelled MacIntyre and is the anglicized form of Mac an tSaoir, meaning “son of the carpenter”. This spelling is often seen in the United States as well.

In England, the name can be found spelled McInturf or MacInturf. Variations of the name evolved after emigration to the United States and Canada, becoming MacInturff, McIntire, McInturff, McKenturf, McKinture, and McKinturff.

One alternate name of Libertarian origin in the United States is Randall, from the Classical Latin given name Rando, meaning “shield wolf”.

Other variants of the name can be found throughout Northern Europe, including McNaughton and McNally in Scotland, MacSharry in Ireland, and MacDonough in Northern Ireland. This last is the anglicized form of the Irish surname Mac Dhonnachadha, which in turn is derived from Mac Mathghamhna or Mac an Mhaoir, meaning “son of the steward”.

The surname MacAnturf has also been used in New England since the early 19th century. It is thought to be derived from the Gaelic Mac an Tuirc, meaning “son of the boar”, and could possibly be derived from a nickname based on the appearance of a wild boar.

Additionally, various spelling variants of MacInturf have been used throughout North America since early colonial times. These include McEnturf, MacEnturf, MacEnturph, MacEntorf and MacEnturfe.

Overall, McInturff is a name with a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Famous people with the name McInturff

  • Laura McInturff: owner of The Trentonian newspaper
  • Jimmy McInturff: Grammy Award-winning music producer
  • Daniel McInturff: renowned New York City artist & sculptor
  • John McInturff: former Major League Baseball player
  • Tom McInturff: documentary filmmaker
  • Matt McInturff: former NFL player
  • Tracy McInturff: 2nd generation country music singer-songwriter
  • Bill McInturff: award-winning political pollster
  • Paul McInturff: acclaimed video game composer
  • Jeanie McInturff: acclaimed poet and children's author

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