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Surname McKegney - Meaning and Origin

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McKegney: What does the surname McKegney mean?

The surname McKegney is of Irish origin and specifically from the branch of the Ulaid tribes of ancient Ireland, known as the Dal Fiatach. The name is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic "Mac Eacháin" which means "son of Eachán". The name Eachán is derived from two elements: "each," meaning a horse, and a diminutive suffix "-an," hence it would imply 'little horse'. Like many Irish family names, this surname emerged with the patronymic naming tradition, where names were created based on the father's name or job.

It is important to note that the exact meaning of surnames can often be lost to history, either due to changes in language or the cultural evolution that sees certain interpretations fall out of use. In addition, surnames often reflected one's occupation, a personal trait, or geographical origin, so families carrying the same surname might not necessarily share a common ancestor. Therefore, the surname McKegney might have other interpretations or variants, but generally, it is regarded as meaning 'son of the little horse'.

McKegney: Where does the name McKegney come from?

The last name McKegney is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic Mac Eacháin or Mac Eocháin, signifying son of Eachán or Eochán. These roots can be translated to John or John's son in English. Though it is an Irish name, the distribution of the McKegney surname is not concentrated in Ireland alone today. With the extensive Irish diaspora globally, the name can also be found in regions such as North America, particularly in the United States and Canada, and the United Kingdom, especially Northern Ireland. Despite its dispersal, the McKegney surname is not extensively widespread and remains a comparatively unique last name.

Variations of the surname McKegney

The surname McKegney is of Scottish origin and is believed to have been derived from "MacEogan," which means "son of Eogan." Its exact origin can be traced back to the Scottish clans from ancient Dalriadan-Scottish kingdom.

There are various alternate spellings and forms for the name McKegney including: MacKeegan, McKeegan, McKegan, MacKegney, McKegney, MacKegan, MacEgan, McEgan, Egan, Hegan, MacEogain, McKeogane, MacKeogane, and Keegan.

These alternate spellings resulted from a combination of linguistic and cultural factors. During the times when literacy was not common, many names were recorded as they sounded, leading to different variations in spelling.

It’s common to see Mc and Mac prefixes in these variations. Both mean "son of" in Gaelic, but over time, "Mc" has generally come to be associated with Scotland and Northern Ireland, while "Mac" is more commonly used in Ireland. The name without these prefixes is also common.

It is important to note that variations may also be caused due to emigration, where names were often modified to adapt to new cultural environments. Futhermore, clerical errors also significantly contribute to differences in surname spellings.

Famous people with the name McKegney

  • Sam McKegney: Professional ice hockey player
  • Don McKegney: Professional ice hockey player
  • Gary McKegney: Actor
  • Ken McKegney: Broadcast journalist and former CBC television reporter
  • Mike McKegney: Former professional baseball player
  • Rebecca McKegney: Entrepreneur and former Canadian entrepreneur of the year
  • Sheilagh McKegney: Canadian social researcher and author
  • Steve McKegney: Retired professional swimmer
  • Terry McKegney: Professional golfer and eldest son of the late Bob McKegney, a former Canadian Professional Golf Association (CPGA) executive
  • Tod McKegney: former hockey player in the National Hockey League
  • William McKegney: American television and movie actor

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