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Surname McTighe - Meaning and Origin

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McTighe: What does the surname McTighe mean?

The surname McTighe is of Irish origin and descended from the Gaelic traditions of the country. The name is derived from the Old Gaelic “Mac Taidhg”, where “Mac” means son of, and “Taidhg” is an ancient personal name meaning "poet" or "philosopher". It's also interpreted as "one who is honorable". Taidhg was a popular name in early Irish history and thus McTighe, meaning "son of Taidhg", emerged as a patronymic surname. While it can be found throughout Ireland, it's particularly prevalent in the counties of Galway, Clare, and Mayo in the West of Ireland. Variations of the name include McTigue, Tighe, and Teague. Like many Irish surnames, the exact spelling can vary widely due primarily to phonetic transcription from the original Gaelic to English. Despite these variations, the fundamental meaning stays the same.

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McTighe: Where does the name McTighe come from?

The last name McTighe is most commonly found in the United States, Ireland, and Australia. In the U.S., the states with the highest populations of people with the surname McTighe are California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, and New York. In Ireland, counties such as Galway, Dublin, and Antrim have the highest numbers of McTighe families. In Australia, the most populous states with the McTighe last name are Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

The name McTighe is derived from the Gaelic Mac an tSaoghail which translates to "Son of the Stranger or Visitor". It is thought to have originated in Scotland, but became much more popular in Ireland during the 1800s as a result of Irish migration to America.

Today, there are many ways for individuals with the last name McTighe to stay in touch and connect with others of the same name. Various associations, clan gatherings, and websites are available for those of the McTighe name or of Irish descent. Notable people with the last name McTighe include American society hostess Margaret Forsythe McTighe, cross-country runner Joseph McTighe, and poet Thomas McTighe.

Variations of the surname McTighe

The surname McTighe has been spelled in a variety of ways, including MacTighe, MacTigue, MacTeige, MacTiagha, and MacThagh. The name means “son of Tighe” in Irish and is derived from the Gaelic given name Tadhg, which means poet or philosopher.

Variants of McTighe include MacTight, MacTigot, MacTiguer, and MacTightly. All of these variants have been used to describe people with the same common heritage, but each has a slightly different pronunciation and spelling.

Other surnames that are related to McTighe and share the same origin include Tighe, Teague, and Tegan. All of these names come from the same Gaelic roots, and they all mean “son of Tighe” in Irish.

Many of these surnames can be found in different areas of Ireland. For example, McTigue is mostly found in County Clare, while MacTeige is most common in County Galway. MacThagh can be found all over Ireland, but most commonly in Ulster and Connaught.

As with many surnames, the exact origin and history of McTighe is difficult to trace. Over the centuries, the name has been changed and altered to fit regional variations of speech and culture. As a result, there are now many different variants and spellings of the surname, but all share the same common heritage.

Famous people with the name McTighe

  • Jay McTighe: world-renowned researcher, author, and publisher of educational materials
  • Mairéad McTighe: Irish contemporary artist, curator, and public art advocate
  • John McTighe: American politician and the first Pennsylvania Treasurer
  • Belle McTighe: Australian dance educator, theatre director, and choreographer
  • Nicole McTighe: New Zealand actress best known for her role in Power Rangers Super Megaforce
  • Michael McTighe: American actor who has had recurring roles on 90210 and The Princess Diaries
  • Tim McTighe: American singer-songwriter and lead singer of the American rock band, Red Wanting Blue
  • C.J. McTighe: English writer, director, and actor who wrote and directed multiple short films
  • Stephen McTighe: Canadian politician who served in various provincial legislatures
  • Patrick McTighe: Irish actor, writer, and producer who has appeared in various projects in the UK and Ireland

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