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Surname Medrano - Meaning and Origin

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Medrano: What does the surname Medrano mean?

The surname Medrano originates from Spain, with the majority of families bearing the name living in the region of Extremadura. Medrano is derived from the Latin word "mederranus" meaning "ghastly," and there exists a legend that suggests the name is a reference to a haunting that occurred in the late Middle Ages in the region.

The legend states that a grayish fog swept through the area in the middle of the night, accompanied by a great hunger and thirst for blood. Any person unfortunate enough to wander into the presence of the fog reappeared several hours later, their every nerve and sense terrorized beyond the limits of the mortal. Such victims were marked by a profound fear and a haunted look in their eyes, forever turning them an ashen color, which gained them the name 'Medranos'.

The name has since become synonymous with a sense of mystery and fear, and is often adopted as a sign of respect for the ancient legend that birthed it. Today, the name Medrano is typically used as a surname in many countries around the world, as well as a middle name or given name in some Latin American countries. The name also carries an aura of strength and bravery, with many famous figures and soldiers with the surname Medrano dedicating their lives to serving their communities.

Medrano: Where does the name Medrano come from?

The last name Medrano is of Spanish origin and is most commonly found in Latin American countries today. It is most commonly found in Mexico, the United States, and Spain.

In Mexico, the Medrano surname has been found in all the 32 federative entities of Mexico from the South in Chiapas to the North in Baja California. The usage of Medrano is most popular in Michoacan, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Sinaloa, Quintana Roo, and Coahuila.

In the United States, the last name Medrano is most commonly found in the states of California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, as well as Arizona, New Jersey, Georgia, and New York.

In Spain, Medrano can be found in almost all of Spain's autonomous communities. It is most popular in the regions of Castilla y Leon, Estremadura, and Andalucía.

Overall, Medrano is a common last name that has spread across Latin America and is now seen in many countries including Mexico, the United States, and Spain. It is most popular in certain regions in each country, though it can be found throughout all these countries.

Variations of the surname Medrano

The Medrano surname is a Spanish and Hispanic name that has evolved over time with modified variants, spellings, and surnames. The original name, Medrano, is thought to have stemmed from the Latin words medius "middle" and rana "frog."

The most common variants and spellings of the Medrano surname are Medran, Medrana, Medriño, Medrono, Medrona, Mendraz, Mendrona, and Mendrono. All of these variants are thought to have originated from the same root.

Medrano is sometimes transcribed as the anglicized "Mendrano," sometimes spelled as Mendran, Mendrano, Mendrana, Mendania, Mendrani, Mendranha, Mendrona, Mendrones, Mendronis, and Mendronni.

In Portuguese speaking regions the surname Medrano takes on the various spellings of Medranho, Medrano, Medrani, Mendranah, Mendranha, Mendrono, Mendrone and Mendrones.

The surname is also common in Italy, where it is spelled as Mendrani, Mandrani, Mendrona, Meditatione, Medranie, Medrano, Medrono, Mendranha, Mendrone, Mendroni, and Mendronni.

The incorporates all of these variant spellings and is associated with numerous families in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and other parts of Europe and Latin America.

Famous people with the name Medrano

  • Juan Carlos Medrano: Mexican footballer.
  • Carlos Medrano: American professional boxer.
  • Marlene Medrano: Colombian musician.
  • Carlos Medrano Cortés: Spanish historian.
  • Jorge Medrano: Costa Rican politician.
  • Nelson Rafael Medrano: Cuban former footballer.
  • Mario Medrano Flores: Mexican boxer.
  • Raúl Medrano García: Venezuelan politician.
  • Francisco Medrano Alonso: Spanish lawyer.
  • Emilio Medrano: Peruvian former cricketer.
  • Ana Cristina Medrano: Uruguayan academic.
  • Ramón Medrano: Cuban former professional baseball player.
  • Raymond Medrano: Filipino former basketball player.
  • Luis Medrano: Mexican politician.
  • Esteban Medrano: Mexican footballer.
  • Daniel Medrano Romero: Argentine footballer.
  • Nestor Medrano: Dominican teacher and former leader of the Anticolectivo movement.
  • Luis Fernando Medrano Muñoz: Colombian lawyer.
  • Joaquin Ignacio Medrano Escobar: Venezuelan tennis player.
  • Bentín Medrano Cañizares: Cuban judoka.

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