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Surname Meekoe - Meaning and Origin

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Meekoe: What does the surname Meekoe mean?

The last name Meekoe is an unusual name, typically found among the indigenous peoples of South Africa. It is believed to have its origins in the Nguni tribe, one of the largest ethnic groups in the region and is often found among the Zulu people.

The term ‘Meekoe’ means “tree” in Nguni dialect and is derived from a word in the Zulu language meaning ‘growing infinitely.’ This likely implies that the family or tribe who adopted this name were deeply rooted in the land and invested in its progeny. It could reflect an attachment to ancestral land and a desire to pass it down to future generations.

Meekoe has also been found as a surname in other African countries, such as Nigeria and Ethiopia, where it could also have cultural roots related to the idea of family trees. Some believe that the name is derived from two words, ‘me’ and ‘ko’ which imply personal strength and wisdom.

Meekoe may also bear some resemblance to the Hebrew word ‘m’kha,’ which means “from the ground.” This suggests that the people who adopted this name had strong ties to the natural world and its resources. This could be further noteworthy in the context of land and animals integral to the life of Nguni culture as well as the great reverence afforded to the land by African culture in general.

In summary, the last name Meekoe is likely derived from the Nguni language, with a variety of possible meanings related to the idea of familial lineage, wisdom, strength, and attachment to the natural world. It is an interesting surname with a proud history among its many bearers.

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Meekoe: Where does the name Meekoe come from?

The surname Meekoe is occasionally seen primarily in the Caribbean nations of Jamaica and the islands of St. Maarten, where it is estimated to have originated. In Jamaica, the Meekoe surname is likely derived from an African tribal name and is most often seen among those of African descent. However, due to the strong influence of African culture in the Caribbean, it is likely to be found among mixed race persons as well.

In the United States, the surname is also fairly common, particularly in areas with a high African American population. For instance, the surname is found in the states of Rhode Island, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. The Meekoe surname is most commonly encountered in the South and is a name that was brought to the US during or after the forced migration of enslaved African people in the 1700s and 1800s.

The popularity of the name has also spread to the United Kingdom, especially in larger cities, where it is believed to have been carried by African American immigrants. In the UK, the name is most commonly encountered in large cities, like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds.

Overall, the Meekoe surname has retained a presence in both the Caribbean and US regions, and is becoming increasingly common in the UK as well.

Variations of the surname Meekoe

Meekeo, Meekos, Miko, Mikoi, Meecko, Mekoe, Meekow, and Meecko are all variants of the surname Meekoe. The surname is a variant of the Germanic surname "Micko" or "Miko". This surname is derived from the Germanic language, in which it was derived from the word “mich” which is translated to mean “to be powerful” or “mighty”.

The most common variant of the surname is, in fact, Meekoe. This variant is found in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Slovakia. Other variants of the surname tend to be found among immigrants and non-Germanics of East European descent.

Other commonly found surnames that are related to the Meekoe surname are Meekos, Miko, Mikoi, Meecko, Mekoe, Meekow, and Meecko. These variants are also of Germanic origin, and they can be found in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania.

The surname can also be spelt in different ways, such as Mikoe, Meeko, Meekoh, Mikow, and Meeching. The name can also appear as a hyphenated version, with the primary family name being followed by the secondary surname “Mekoe,” or sometimes as a double-barreled surname, such as “Mickoe-Mekoe.”

The surname “Meekoe” is not restricted to any particular geographical region or country; it is widespread among several countries, mainly in Europe. Variants of this surname are popular among immigrants and non-Germanics of East European descent, and it is not uncommon to find it in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Famous people with the name Meekoe

  • Angie Meekoe: Angie Meekoe is a singer, songwriter and producer from the Netherlands. She has released two solo albums, as well as creating music for television soundtracks and commercials.
  • Zephyr Meekoe: Zephyr Meekoe is a Dutch singer-songwriter whose music is melodic, guitar-driven and narrative. She has released a full-length album and two EPs.
  • Mark Meekoe: Mark Meekoe is a Dutch bassist who is known for his work with a variety of bands including Impractic Lounge, Flying Pickets, The Dutch Acoustics and Cyril.
  • Luc Meekoe: Luc Meekoe is a Dutch actor who has starred in films such as De Tevreden Burgemeester, De wildeman and KoosT.
  • Kim Meekoe: Kim Meekoe is a Dutch model and TV personality who has been the host of a number of TV shows, including Studio 80 and The Good Life.
  • Petra Meekoe: Petra Meekoe is a Dutch writer and journalist, best known for her work covering politics and the environment.
  • Willemein Meekoe: Willemein Meekoe is a Dutch graphic artist, photographer and film maker. She has created a number of award-winning short films and documentaries.

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