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Surname Meelkop - Meaning and Origin

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Meelkop: What does the surname Meelkop mean?

The last name Meelkop is of Dutch origin and has several possible interpretations. It is believed to come from the Dutch phrase 'meelkop' which can be roughly translated as 'a head of flour'. This could mean that the name was originally used to refer to a person who worked in the milling industry, producing flour from grains and other edible items.

Alternatively, the phrase 'meelkop' can be translated as 'a hundred heads', which could mean that the name was originally used to refer to a large or influential family unit. This interpretation is perhaps more likely, as it would make more sense for a family name to represent a large household rather than the profession of an individual.

Either interpretation of the name suggests that it was given to a respected individual or community who was either associated with the milling profession, or who had a large family presence. In many ways, the name Meelkop is representative of one's diligence and strength, both of which would have been beneficial qualities in bygone eras.

Whilst the exact origin of the name is unknown, its meanings alone suggest that it was an honoured term which held great meaning to its original owners. Even today, the name is held in high esteem, reflecting the tenacity and courage of its first bearers.

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Meelkop: Where does the name Meelkop come from?

The surname Meelkop is a Dutch patronymic surname, which derives from the given name Meeldijk or Meel. The Meelkop surname is quite rare today and is predominantly found in the Netherlands.

In Dutch records, the surname Meelkop dates back as far as 1648. Records of this name are found in the town of Alkmaar, located in the north-western province of Noord-Holland. The Meelkop family is still relatively widespread in Holland and the Netherlands, but they have also spread to various parts of the world, such as Germany, South Africa, and the United States.

The Meelkop family originally came from various parts of Holland. In the 17th century, the main concentration of Meelkops were living in the towns of Alkmaar and Den Helder. Today the surname Meelkop is still present in these towns, albeit in smaller numbers.

The surname Meelkop is not particularly common in other parts of Europe or the world. However, there are records of people with this surname currently living in the countries of Germany, South Africa, and the United States. It is likely that they are descended from the first Meelkop family who left Holland in the past centuries.

In conclusion, the surname Meelkop is still in use today, though it is relatively rare. It is mostly found in the Netherlands and the aforementioned countries, but may have spread even further across the world.

Variations of the surname Meelkop

The surname Meelkop is a Dutch patronymic surname that likely originated from the given name Melchior. It has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the variant spellings of the surname Meelkop include Melchior, Melekop, Melcherkop, Meelichkop, Melchor, Melakerkop, Mescherkop, Messerkop, Melleckop, Melickop, and Melicor.

The surnames of the same origin are derived from the variation of the original name, Melchior. These surnames include Melicor, Melicer, Melike, Melicor, Meelickop, Melckop, Melckork, Melcherkop, Melker, Meleker, Meker, Meelckop, Meeker, Melecker, Melinekop, and Meler.

The surname Meelkop is also found in other countries, particularly in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. In Germany, the same surname is also found as Mehlkop, Möhlkop, Muelkop, Méhlkop, and Mühlkop, whereas in France it is found as Mélkop and in the United Kingdom as Melchor.

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Meelkop are numerous and offer an opportunity to gain insight into the family history of those who trace their roots to the name. An examination of records and documents enables researchers to learn more about a family's past and unveil the origins of their surname.

Famous people with the name Meelkop

  • René van Meelkop: Dutch footballer.
  • Lawrence Meelkop: entrepreneur and former owner of creative agency Fresh & Co.
  • Robert Meelkop: professor of Dutch at Utrecht University.
  • Kim Meelkop: Dutch railway engineer and historian.
  • Herman Meelkop: Dutch environmental lawyer and professor at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Marleen van Meelkop: Dutch figure skater.
  • Guus Meelkop: Dutch electronic musician and sound artist.
  • Jan Meelkop: Dutch tennis player.
  • Nico Meelkop: Dutch organist and composer.
  • Maurice Meelkop: Dutch former diplomat.

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