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Surname Meerholz - Meaning and Origin

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Meerholz: What does the surname Meerholz mean?

The last name Meerholz is said to have originated in Germany. It is a topographic name used for someone who lived near or in a lake, from Old German meri in combination with holz, meaning 'wood'. In some instances, the name Meerholz could also refer to someone who lived near swampland. It is thought to have been a popular name as far back as the 12th century when Germany was still divided into tribal regions.

The name Meerholz is derived from the Old High German given name meaning “Merry” or “Joyful,” and the word “Holz,” meaning “Wood” and referring to the forests of old age Germany. The literal translation of the name is “Joyful Woods.” This may be what drew the original generations to use the name as all of life’s joys were often found in nature.

Today, the name Meerholz is still common in Germany and other Germanic countries. It’s a name designed to bring good luck to those that bear it and continue its long line of history. Natives of the name often end up being successful entrepreneurs, bankers, public servants, or doctors. Regardless of what profession Meerholz natives pursue, the name remains a powerful symbol of nature, joy, and hard work. It’s sure to continue being a well-known family name for centuries to come.

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Meerholz: Where does the name Meerholz come from?

The last name Meerholz is linked to a region in Germany called the Rheinland. It is still quite common in this area today. The name is derived from "meer" which in German translates to "lake" and "holz" which translates to "woods" or trees. The literal translation of meerholz is "lake in the woods".

It is believed that the first family bearing this name originated in the Rhineland. This is because of the frequency of the name in that area. The Rheinland was an important region for trade and art, while also being known for its unique landscape. The rural environment made it an ideal place for a family to set up in the 1500s and establish the Meerholz name.

Today, people bearing the last name Meerholz live in various parts of Germany, including populated cities and the Rhineland alike. It can also be found in neighboring countries such as Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria, as well as other European countries, including English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Studies of last name prevalence suggest that the name Meerholz is still quite popular in the Rhineland, but is not as common outside Germany. Even so, the name has been widespread among different countries and cultures around the world. As a result, Meerholz has become a global name.

Variations of the surname Meerholz

The surname Meerholz is of German origin and is derived from the German word "mer" meaning lake or sea and "holz" meaning wood. Its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin are as follows:































Many of the spellings and surnames of the same origin for Meerholz are derived from the same root of “mer” and “holz”. This is indicative of a close relationship between the different spellings. Some of these spellings, however, have been adjusted depending on the region where the family lived, as well as the time period when the spelling was used. For instance, the “Mier” spelling of “Meer” is a variation that was more commonly used between the 13th and 16th centuries, while “Meehl” may have been used more in the 19th century. Similarly, the alternate spelling “Meyer” has a history of use prior to the 17th century and may have been used more during earlier times. Regardless of the spelling chosen for the surname, it is still likely to indicate a link to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Meerholz

  • Dr. Martin Meerholz, German politician.
  • Johann Meerholz, 18th century German glassmaker.
  • Albert Meerholz, German opera singer.
  • Carl-Heinz Meerholz, German alpine skier.
  • Christian Meerholz, German ice hockey player.
  • Kurt Meerholz, German World War II soldier.
  • Ulrich Meerholz, German Museum director.
  • Alexander Meerholz, German sketch artist.
  • Alfred Meerholz, Austrian skier.
  • Ludwig Meerholz, German politician.
  • Johann R. Meerholz, German composer.
  • Peter Meerholz, German lawyer and civil servant.
  • Bernd Meerholz, German actor.
  • Michael Meerholz, German musicologist and composer.
  • Robert Meerholz, German silver smith.
  • Thomas Meerholz, German filmmaker and artist.
  • Wilfried Meerholz, German equestrian.
  • Agnes Meerholz, German architect.
  • Cordula Meerholz, German environmental activist and green politician.
  • Dan Meerholz, American blues guitarist.

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