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Surname Megason - Meaning and Origin

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Megason: What does the surname Megason mean?

The surname Megason is quite uncommon and it is difficult to track a definite meaning due to its rarity. However, it appears to be of English origin, possibly denoting 'the son of Megas', with 'Megas' potentially being a first name. The word 'son' in many English surnames typically signifies 'descendant of'. 'Megas' could also be derived from a Greek word that means 'great'. However, without clear historical documentation or lineage, the exact origin and meaning of the surname 'Megason' remain speculative. It's important to note that surnames have evolved over centuries and may have undergone significant changes in spelling and pronunciation. Thus, the current form of the surname may differ greatly from its original form. Therefore, to completely understand the name's significance, a comprehensive genealogical study would be essential.

Megason: Where does the name Megason come from?

The surname Megason is of Scottish origin, derived from the personal name "Meg," which is a pet form of Margaret, and the suffix "son" indicating "son of". Thus, the literal translation would be "son of Meg." Despite its Scottish origin, it's not a common surname in Scotland today.

There is limited data available on where the Megason surname is most prevalent currently due to its relative rarity. However, based on available records, it appears the surname has spread beyond Scotland, with instances found in the United States, and possibly other English-speaking countries. The dispersion of the name worldwide could be attributed to migration and the passing of generations. It's important to note that the prevalence or distribution of the Megason surname may not necessarily signify only direct lineage from Scottish ancestors bearing this name, as name changes, adoption, and other factors could also lead to its adoption across different geographies and cultures. Therefore, determining the exact origins and current prevalence of the surname Megason would require specific genealogical research.

Variations of the surname Megason

The surname Megason is of Scottish origin and belongs to a category of surnames that were derived from the first name of the father of the original bearer. It is a variation of the surname MacEgan, which is derived from the Gaelic Mac Aodhagain.

Variations of this surname include Megginson, Meggison, Meginson, Meganson, and Megasonne. Some of these variations might have occurred due to clerical errors, as many of the clerks who recorded names in official documents in the ancient times spelled names as they heard them, often leading to significant variations.

As for surnames of the same origin, there are a lot of Scottish names that are derived in a similar way, such as MacGregor (son of Gregor), MacKenzie (son of Kenneth), and MacKinnon (son of Finn).

Whether it's Megason or one of its variations, these surnames carry with them a rich history and connection with the ancient times of Scotland. They are a bridge connecting their bearers with their ancestors and their cultural heritage.

Famous people with the name Megason

  • Colin Megason: American actor and voice-over artist, best known for his roles in I Got the Hook Up 2 (2019), Sons of Anarchy and Hughes Brothers Christmas (2019).
  • Brooke Megason: American film editor. Known for her work on films such as Draft Day (2014), Rock of Ages (2012), and That's What I Am (2011).
  • Brett Megason: American comedian and television host. Best known as host of The Red Carpet TV, where he interviews celebrities on the red carpet of Hollywood's biggest events.
  • Philip Megason: British entrepreneur and real estate investor. Co-founder of several businesses including United Kingdom-based Megason Worldwide, an international investment banking and private equity firm.
  • Sophia Megason: American model and actress. Appeared in commercials and short films, as well as in the television series American Gladiators and the films Gypsy Danger (2015) and The Final Cut (2015).
  • Richard Megason: Award winning American composer and audio director. Produced the theme music for the television series Numb3rs, Jericho, and The White Shadow, as well as creating music for numerous video game titles such as NBA 2K12.
  • Gail Megason: Australian fashion designer and costume designer. Best known for her designs featured in the television series' Out of the Blue (2006-2009) and House Husbands (2012-2013).

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