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Surname Meulie - Meaning and Origin

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Meulie: What does the surname Meulie mean?

Meulie is a French surname of unknown origin. It is believed to be associated with either one of two places of origin, located in the region of Picardy, a historical province of France. One region, Épineux-les-Meulie, is a commune located in the Pas-de-Calais department. The other, Meulie, is a former commune situated in the Aisne department.

The surname probably derives from the Old French noun meule, which refers to a grinding stone or millstone. This suggests an occupational origin for the surname, referring to someone who worked in a mill or was involved in milling grain.

It is also possible that Meulie originates from an Old French personal name, Moly, which was derived from the Latin word mollis, meaning 'soft'. Hence, the surname could refer to someone who had a gentle or placid character.

The origin of the Meulie surname is unclear, but it is possible that it refers to a place of origin, an occupational origin or a personal characteristic. Whatever the origin, Meulie is a unique and interesting surname that has survived many centuries.

Meulie: Where does the name Meulie come from?

The last name Meulie is most common today in the Netherlands, especially the province of West Flanders. Other areas where the name is found to some degree include Belgium, France, and England. There is some presence of the name also in Germany, North America, Brazil, and Australia.

In the Netherlands, the name originated as a practial name that was shared between people who lived near a mill (an eul in Dutch). As time passed, the name began to take on its own meaning and identity and was registered as a surname in the 17th century. Since then, the name has become more widespread throughout the Netherlands as people migrate, intermarry, and settle new territories.

In Belgium, the Meulie family is believed to have descended from the Dutch family, who sailed across the North Sea to the eastern coastal regions of the country. Today, many descendants of the Meulie family still live in the coastal provinces of Belgium.

Although the origins and meaning of the name Meulie may be best preserved in the Netherlands and Belgium, it has also spread with immigration and intermarriage to various parts of Europe, North America, Brazil, and Australia, making it a global name with Dutch origins.

Variations of the surname Meulie

The surname Meulie is an Anglicized form of the Dutch name Meulenhof, originally derived from the Old Dutch word ‘molenhof’ meaning ‘mill farm’. It is also occasionally spelled Müller or Mullen.

Variant spellings include Meulenhof, Müller, and Mullen. The variants of Meulenhof include: Meulehof, Meulenhoven, Meulenhovens, Meulhoff, Meulhofer, Mühlhofer, Mullerhof, Mullerhoven, and Mullenhoff.

Surnames derived from Meulenhof are Meulie, Meulenhof, Meule, Meulehof, Méulenhoff, Mülerhof, Mullerhoven, and Mullenhove.

The surname is most commonly found in the Netherlands and Germany and the variants have been adopted into English as well. In the United States, the surname can be found in Sherman, Texas; Dallas, Texas; and Tontitown, Arkansas.

Meulie is also occasionally found as a given name, usually derived from the surname. Variations of this name include Mowle, Meunier, Meulheu, Moule, Moogley, and Moyle.

The surname Meulie is also found in Scotland, where it is spelled as Meulaw and Meullaw. It is also present in Northern Ireland, where it is spelled as Maolí.

Famous people with the name Meulie

  • Chris Meulie: Chris Meulie is a professional footballer who currently plays for Belgian side KAS Eupen. He started his career in the youth of KFC Dessel Sport before joining KV Mechelen. He has been playing in the first team since 2018.
  • Fernando Meulie: Fernando Meulie is a Danish musician and songwriter who gained recognition after the release of the album ‘Et Lys I Mørket’ in 2016. He has since released four other albums, and he performs regularly in Denmark.
  • Jean-Louis Meulie: Jean-Louis Meulie is a French comedy writer, director, and actor. He is best known for his films ‘L'Observatoire’ (2006) and ‘Livresse’ (2008), and for directing the family television comedy series ‘Au revoir, à Toulouse’ (2000).
  • Jarick Meulie: Jarick Meulie is a Dutch football manager who is most notably known for his work with RKC Waalwijk since 2018. Prior to this role, he worked with clubs such as ADO Den Haag and USV Hercules.
  • Paul Meulie: Paul Meulie is a Dutch photographer whose work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally. He is most known for his documentary-style series of photographs taken in the Netherlands during the 1960s and 70s.
  • Sven Meulie: Sven Meulie is a Dutch journalist and television presenter. He is best known for his work on the current affairs channel NPO 1, where he has presented numerous news programmes. He is also an active campaigner against climate change.

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