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Surname Mineally - Meaning and Origin

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Mineally: What does the surname Mineally mean?

The last name Mineally has origins in Ireland that is part of the larger group of surnames derived from the Gaelic Mac an Mhaoilidh, which translates to “son of the follower”. The pre-Gaelic form of Mineally may have been Mac an Mhaoilid, which would have been derived from the word muilleann, meaning “mill”. The original bearer of the Mineally surname may have been someone who was the follower of a lord of a mill or a miller.

In the late eighteenth century, Ireland saw a mass exodus of its people in search of better economic opportunities in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. Many of these people brought with them the Mineally surname.

Today, the Mineally surname is still found mostly in counties Clare and Galway, Ireland, and in North America, the United States has the highest percentage of people with the surname. However, Mineally’s can be found in various parts of the world.

Overall, the Mineally surname can be assumed to have humble beginnings, but through times of hardship and strife, the Mineally’s have emerged as a people of perseverance and strength.

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Mineally: Where does the name Mineally come from?

The last name Mineally is an uncommon surname found mostly in countries of the British Isles. It is especially common in Wales, England and Scotland. It ranks in the top 3500 surnames of Wales and is found in Ireland as well.

The Mineally is an anglicized version of the Welsh name Mylly, which in turn is derived from the Cornish name Mulloy, meaning “handsome”. This last name is found in North America; however, there is no remarkable concentration of persons bearing the name Mineally in any particular area.

The Mineally name is basically a regional name, and these regional names usually denote the place of origin of a family, and its literal meaning. It is likely that the Mineally family originally came from one of the places in Britain where this surname is well represented today.

Today, people bearing the Mineally surname live on all over the world, although concentrations of this surname can still be found in areas of the British Isles where it has been historically located. That includes England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and some of their neighboring regions, like the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles. They can also be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other areas around the world as well.

Variations of the surname Mineally

Mineally is a surname of Irish and Gaelic origin. Different variants can be seen, such as Mynally and Minally. Additionally the O’ Mineally, Mc Mineally and Mac Mineally surnames can also be seen. Spellings of the name can include Mineally, Minnally, Minielly, Minelli, Minelli and many others. In Irish, Mineally is derived from the surnames O’ Maonmhuilligh, O’ Meonmhuilligh and O’ Mainmhuilligh, which all mean, ‘descendant of Manavel’. Manavel or Maonmhuilligh is a Gaelic personal name that derives from ‘maon’, which means gift, and ‘maol’ or ‘mhuill’, which means ‘bald’.

The Mineally surname is generally found in the Irish counties of Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary. It is also found in Northern Ireland, mainly County Tyrone. However, the spelling variations of Mineally can be found all throughout the world, especially in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Mineally is also sometimes confused with the Minallah surname. Minallah is of Turkish origin and derived from the Persian word ‘mina’, which means ‘heavenly door’. The meaning of Mineally, however, has nothing to do with the Turkish surname and has roots in Irish Gaelic instead.

Overall, while Mineally is relatively uncommon, its spellings and variants can be seen throughout the world. Its origin in Irish Gaelic meaning ‘descendant of Manavel’ can be traced across many different provinces and countries.

Famous people with the name Mineally

  • Andrew MacNally: humourist and satirist in the United States.
  • Barry MacNally: former Australian rugby player.
  • Ebony MacNally: former American competitive ice skater.
  • Ged MacNally: former professional Northern Irish footballer.
  • John MacNally: American actor best known for his role in the sitcom The Wonder Years (1988–1993).
  • Joseph MacNally: Irish actor best known for appearing in several historical TV films.
  • Michael MacNally: American actor and singer.
  • Paul MacNally: American attorney and investment banker.
  • Sister Megan Rice: Catholic nun who speaks out against nuclear weapons proliferation.
  • Tormek MacNally: American jazz pianist.

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