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Surname Misken - Meaning and Origin

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Misken: What does the surname Misken mean?

The last name Misken is an uncommon surname of English origin, derived from an Old Norse personal name. It is a patronymic name derived from the Old Norse name 'Mikill', meaning 'great' or 'mighty'. The name was likely given to someone who was powerful, respected or renowned in their community. It is possible that the name is derived from a nickname given to an ancestor who was well-known and influential.

Misken surnames are found in records from the late 17th century in England and Ireland, and in the late 19th century in the United States. Examples include Ralph Misken who was listed in the 1689 Census of Ireland; Richard Misken, an early settler in the American colonies; and Robert Miskens, who migrated from England to Canada in 1871.

The Misken surname is rarely used today and is mainly found in areas of England and Ireland. The origin of the surname dates back to medieval times and is likely to have been primarily used as a tribute to those of importance and authority.

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Misken: Where does the name Misken come from?

The last name Misken is not a particularly common one, but today can be found mainly in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

In the United States, the last name is most prevalent in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. As of the most recent census, there are approximately 256 Miskens in the US, largely concentrated in Michigan, California, Oregon and Washington.

Germany also is reported to have the Misken surname, but in relatively smaller numbers. The largest concentration of Miskens in Germany can be found in the Schleswig-Holstein state.

In the Netherlands, the surname is more common and, according to the Dutch last name registry, there are approximately 144 Miskens living in the Netherlands today. The largest concentration is in Noord-Holland, followed by Utrecht and Flevoland.

Though the Misken name is not particularly widespread today, one still can find this unique surname in various places throughout Europe and the United States.

Variations of the surname Misken

The surname Misken is of British origin and typically found in the Cheshire area. Depending on the dialect and localisation of either spelling, it can be spelt as Muskin or Musken. Generally, Misken has the same spelling throughout the UK. There are also some other, less common, transliterations and variants of Misken in existence, including Muysken, Meusken and Musquin.

In terms of surnames derived from the same origin as Misken, there are a few that have been used in the UK. Examples include Meakins, Miskins, and Munkin. The last two variants are slightly different to Misken, having the letter N placed, perhaps due to dialectical influences outside of the area originally associated with the surname. In any case, all of these surnames are derived from the same origin, and most likely from the same family tree.

In the US, there are a few slightly different variations on the surname. These are Miskeen, Moskin, and Muskin. Although the last two may be misheard pronunciations of the original spelling, all of these surnames are, again, of the same origin.

Overall, Misken is a surname derived from the British area of Cheshire, and its main variants, both US and UK, are largely related to this origin. Common variations include Musken, Meakins, Miskins, Munkin, Miskeen, Moskin, and Muskin.

Famous people with the name Misken

  • Ariel Miskin: Israeli professional basketball player
  • David Miskin: Israeli Olympic rower
  • Frank Misken: Australian Paralympian
  • Jodi Misken: Canadian Olympic swimmer
  • Lucy Miskin: British barrister
  • Martin Miskin: American Weightlifter
  • Odd Indiana Misken: Norwegian folk singer
  • Petar Miskin: Croatian playwright
  • Paul Miskin: English actor
  • Sean Miskin: American film producer and screenwriter

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