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Surname Mitrache - Meaning and Origin

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Mitrache: What does the surname Mitrache mean?

The last name Mitrache is of Romanian origin and is thought to be derived from the word mitrica, which is a Romanian military rank. This rank was awarded to high-ranking military personnel such as governors and officers in the army. It is also believed that the name was given to people who were highly respected or held high-ranking positions.

The literal meaning of the name Mitrache is ‘venerable’ or ‘honoured one’. It is believed that the name was used to indicate that the person bearing it had the highest respect and honour within their community. This could be on account of their military service or due to honorable actions they had taken. It is interesting to note that even today, the name Mitrache carries a certain connotation of respect and reliability.

In modern times, the last name Mitrache is quite widespread in Romania, particularly in the region of Moldova. However, it has also become quite common in other countries in Europe and North America, especially among those of Romanian descent. Those carrying the name Mitrache are typically proud of their roots and take great joy in preserving their ancestral heritage.

Mitrache: Where does the name Mitrache come from?

The last name Mitrache is most common in Romania, though etnic Romanians of it can also be found throughout various parts of Eastern Europe and Western Asia today. In Romania, it is a rare surname but still fairly widespread, especially in the provinces of Vâlcea, Olt, Dolj, Sibiu and Gorj.

The origins of the surname come from an old Romanian word, mitrica, which roughly translates to “refined, elegant and well-dressed”. It is thought to have been used as a nickname by some of the first Mitrache family members as a reference to their personal characteristics.

The Mitrache last name has also spread throughout other countries in Europe, especially in regions that were once under the Ottoman rule. It can still be found in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

It is also common among Romanians living abroad in countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Recent estimates suggest that the surname is held by approximately 400 people worldwide.

Variations of the surname Mitrache

The surname Mitrache has several variants, alternative spellings, and occasional surnames which originate from the same root. These are all related to a Latin word 'Miteraucis,' meaning skilled or capable. This is most likely a reference to a person or family of great ability or talent, who adopted this as their surname.

Variants of this surname include Mitrașcă, Mitraşcă, Mitrașcu, Mitraşcu, Mitraşc, Mitraș, Mitraş, Mitraʃcă, Mitraʃcu, Mitraʃc, Mitraʃ, Mitrać, Mitraĉ, and Mitra'c. Alternative spellings include Mitraşca, Mitrasca, Mitraşco, Mitrascu, Mitrasch, Mitrasco, Mitrasche, Mitraschea, Mitraschcu, Mitrasc, Mitrascko, Mitraschi, Mitrashcu, Mitrac, Mitracu, Mitraca, Mitrach, Mitrache, Mitraiche, Mitraich, Mitrachi, Mitrachcu, Mitrich, Mitrachei, and Mitrochei. Occasional surnames, derived from the Mitrache root, include Mitrice, Mitriche, Mitrica, Mitricaș, Mitriceș, Mitricu, and Mitric.

The primary language spoken in this region of origin is believed to be Eastern Romance. However, some of the variant and alternative spellings may be more commonly found in later immigrant communities from this region, especially amongst those who settled in North America and Central Europe. It is likely that the original pronunciation of the name and spelling may have slightly changed over the years, depending on language preferences or local dialects, resulting in the modern spellings seen today.

Famous people with the name Mitrache

  • Georgia Mitrache, Romanian stage, television, and film actress.
  • Elena Mitrache, Romanian-born Italian novelist and journalist.
  • Oana Mitrache, Romanian handball player.
  • Daniel Mitrache, Romanian political journalist and political analyst.
  • Mihail Mitrache, Romanian musician, composer and conductor.
  • Mihai Mitrache, Romanian football player.
  • Neculai Mitrache, Romanian politician and member of the National Liberal Party.
  • Marco Mitrache, Romanian professional football player.
  • Vladimir Mitrache, Romanian entrepreneur and politician.
  • Nicolae Mitrache, Romanian Olympic wrestler.
  • Mircea Mitrache, Romanian football manager and former player.
  • Laurențiu Mitrache, Romanian playwright.
  • Dragomir Mitrache, Romanian journalist and professor.
  • Cristian Mitrache, Romanian footballer.
  • Alexandru Mitrache, Romanian actor.
  • Eugeniu Mitrache, Romanian composer.
  • Lucian Mitrache, Romanian figure skater.
  • Alin Mitrache, Romanian composer and electronic producer.
  • Adrian Mitrache, Romanian sprint canoeist.
  • Paul Mitrache, Romanian poet.

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