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Surname Modar - Meaning and Origin

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Modar: What does the surname Modar mean?

The last name Modar is of Slavic origin with variants such as Modra, Modry, Modrusan, Modrovic, and Modrusky. It is thought to be derived from the word ‘modru’, which means ‘blue’. As such, many people with the Modar surname may have had ancestors who worked in the production of the blue dyes used in clothing during the medieval period.

The Modar surname can also be found amongst people of Jewish decent. It is thought that it derives from the Hebrew ‘modeh’, which means ‘to confess’, and has hence been used as a description of someone who is humble and introspective.

During the Middle Ages, the surname came to signify a person who used blue dyes for their profession, as well as someone of Jewish origin. Over time, as people with the Modar surname moved to different parts of Europe, the name started to take on a more localised meaning in places such as Type, Bohemia, and Poland.

Today, the Modar surname is still present around the world, particularly in countries such as Croatia and the Czech Republic. Modern holders of the name tend to either be of Jewish or Slavic descent. Though the etymology of the last name has changed since its inception, its underlying meaning of humility and introspection has remained the same.

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Modar: Where does the name Modar come from?

The last name Modar is most common today in the Middle East and North African regions. As an Arabic last name, Modar can be found in most countries in the Arab world, with a significant population in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq. It is also quite common in countries with a large expatriate population, such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Part of the Modar family lineage is traced to Saudi Arabia’s southeastern coast, near the Persian Gulf. The name is thought to have Arabic origins that can be traced back to the region’s pre-Islamic Bedouins, which would explain the significant frequency of the name within Middle Eastern countries.

Much of the Modar family migrated in the hopes of finding a better life, particularly in the 20th century, when war and political unrest created instability in the region. These Modar family members have since settled in various parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. There is a notable presence of Modar in the United States, but it is not as high as in the Middle East.

There are also significant numbers of Modar families in Balochistan, Pakistan, as well as in India - both of which are partly a result of Indian subcontinent’s history of globalization and trade, and the region’s geographic connection to multiple parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Modar

Modar is a surname of Spanish origin that is associated with the Modroño region in the north of the country. It is commonly seen as an occupative surname as it is related to the art of fashioning and weaving wool. Variations of the Modar surname include Modro, Modroño, Modrogno, Modragno, Moderno, and Modrono.

The Modar surname also has other regional spellings such as Modarra, Modarria, and Modarro. These spellings are more common in the part of Spain known as Navarrra. In some cases, the surname is spelled with two 'r's instead of one, such as Modarroo.

Additionally, variants of the Modar surname from other countries include Modarresi and Modarressi from Iran, Modarshah from India and some countries in the Middle East, and Modara and Modares from Latin America.

The Modar surname can also be used as a first name, such as Modar in Arabic countries, and Modara in India and Pakistan. Additionally, nicknames for Modar can include Modarrian, Modarro, Modris, Modest and Modesta in Spain, and Modarz, Modarshi, and Modari in the Middle East.

In some cases, the Modar surname is combined with other surnames to form unique surnames such as Modar Toubes, Modar zarde, Modar Beliz, Modar tu, Modar alic, and Modar ceja. As the Modar surname is still relatively popular in many areas, its variations and spellings are numerous and its reach is wide.

Famous people with the name Modar

  • Elham Modarres: Iranian contemporary artist, performer, curator, and researcher exploring identity and gender issues.
  • Shahrulniza Modar Senin: Malaysian actress and singer, best known for her lead role in the 2004 movie Cinta.
  • Mehran Modiri: Iranian actor, director and humorist who's well known for his routines in the comedy TV show, Modiriyat.
  • Sazzy Falak: Malaysian actress, singer and TV host, who was formerly known as Sazzy Modar.
  • Ahmad Modarres: Iranian poet, essayist, and revolutionary leader.
  • Tengku Zatashah Modar: Malaysian princess and singer, best known for her lead role in the movie Gementar Cinta.
  • Ali Modarres: Iranian professor of economics and urban studies and research professor at University of Southern California.
  • Hedayat Modarresi: Iranian scholar, theologian, and Muslim cleric.
  • Baran Modarresi: Iranian Olympic fencer and national champion.
  • Adel Modarresi: Iranian composer and conductor, best known for his work in the 2008 film, Man utan.

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