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Surname Mogford - Meaning and Origin

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Mogford: What does the surname Mogford mean?

The last name Mogford is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “son of Gofford,” or “son of Godfrey.” It is mainly found in northwestern England and in the southern part of Wales, and it has been common since medieval times. The surname also has roots in Devonshire, where it is derived from a shortened version of the old English words maca, which means “son,” and Godefrid, which is an old French variant of the Latin name Godefridus.

In English surnames, the “ford” element was derived from a personal name, and the first element “mog-” is derived from the Old English word “macc,” which is a descendant of the Celtic name “Mac” or “son of.” Thus, the literal translation of the name is “son of Godfrey.”

Mogfords have a long and rich history in Britain. In the Domesday Book of 1086, a man called Gofford is listed as holding land in England. In more recent times, the Mogford family has been tied to some of Britain's most prestigious companies, such as the Sainsbury's supermarket chain and The London Stock Exchange.

Throughout the centuries, the Mogford name has been celebrated. Some have achieved their own historic notoriety, while others have simply lived out their lives happily in obscurity. However, one thing remains true: Mogfords have maintained a place within the rich tapestry of British heritage.

Mogford: Where does the name Mogford come from?

The last name Mogford is common in the United Kingdom and other parts of the Commonwealth. It is most commonly found in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in England, as well as in Wales and the Isle of Man. The name can also be found in Australia, primarily in New South Wales and Victoria.

The origins of the name are unclear. One theory is that it is derived from the Old English personal name Mugga, which was Latinised to Muggard. It is likely that the name arose as a toponymic name for someone living near a mound or large hill, with the Old English mugg meaning large hill.

Mogfords can be found in a variety of professions. Many are farmers, fishermen, builders and tradespeople, while others have entered into the professions, including medicine, law, and finance. However, there are no Mogford lines where hereditary professions have been continued into modern times.

With the rise of emigration to the United States in the nineteenth century, there is a small American population of Mogfords, with the largest concentrations being around Maine, Florida and Texas.

The Mogford name is still quite common today, and there has recently been some research into its history and etymology. The results of this research show that the Mogford name is an important part of British heritage and may be traced back hundreds of years.

Variations of the surname Mogford

Mogford is a relatively uncommon English surname. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Mogford includes Mugford, Moggford, Mogard, Moggard, Moggerd, Mockerd, Muggerd, Moggard, Muckford and Moggerd. Whilst all of these surnames have the same origin, it is the varied spellings which make them unique.

Mugford is the most common variant of Mogford, although the spelling has dropped the 'g' from the original. It can also be spelt Muggford, which is very similar to Mugford but has two 'g's.

Moggford is also a variant of Mogford and is spelt with two 'g's instead of one. The same goes for Moggerd, as it also has two 'g's in the spelling. The 'ck' spelling of Mockerd is also very common, as it hails from an alternative pronunciation of the name.

Moggard combines two variants of the name into one and is spelt with two 'G's and an 'a'. It is an interesting combination of spellings and is completely unique.

Muckford is another variant of Mogford and is spelt with a 'u'. This spelling is a very uncommon one, and it's likely that this is due to an alternate pronunciation of the name.

In conclusion, Mogford is a relatively uncommon surname, and its various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin are testament to that. Some of the most common spellings of the name include Mugford, Moggford, Moggard, Moggerd, and Mockerd. Whilst all of them have the same origin, their spellings are what make them unique.

Famous people with the name Mogford

  • Thomas Mogford: British author who writes crime fiction
  • David Mogford: American investment banker and former chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers
  • Paul Mogford: British barrister specializing in divorce cases
  • Robert Mogford: British political advisor
  • William Mogford: British diplomat
  • Alfred Mogford: British police officer
  • Fred Mogford: British footballer
  • Philip Mogford: British naval officer
  • Suzanne Mogford: British sculptor
  • John Mogford: British composer
  • Arthur Mogford: British racing cyclist
  • Frank Mogford: British actor
  • Tonia Mogford: British television producer
  • Roberta Mogford: American urban planner
  • Patrick Mogford: British biologist and academic
  • Chris Mogford: British Liberal Democrat politician
  • Harry Mogford: British cricketer
  • Brandon Mogford: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Thomas Mogford: Welsh farmer and local politician
  • Laura Mogford: British model and beauty queen.

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