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Surname Molidor - Meaning and Origin

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Molidor: What does the surname Molidor mean?

The last name Molidor is of Austrian origin, which is quite uncommon and rare. The exact meaning of the name is not clear or well-documented, which is often the case with less common surnames. However, the etymology of names can sometimes be traced to occupations, geographical locations, or characteristic traits. Some sources indicate that this surname could be derived from an occupation, as is the case with many European surnames. There might be a relation to the French word "moulin" meaning "mill", potentially indicating an ancestral connection to mill workers or mill owners. However, this is speculation and without more concrete evidence or scholarly resources, the precise meaning of the surname Molidor remains unknown. It's important to note that meanings and origins of surnames can vary greatly even within regions or families.

Molidor: Where does the name Molidor come from?

The last name Molidor is of French origin and is most commonly found in the United States. In the United States, the name is most popularly found around Pennsylvania, although there are many Molidor’s found across the country. As far as international locations, the name is not particularly popular with no notable concentrations found in other countries.

In the U.S. Census records, more Molidor's are found in Pennsylvania than any other state, with over 4,000 Molidors living in the state. Their presence is also strong in the New England states, as well as around the Midwest. In Massachusetts, Michigan, and Illinois the name is fairly common, though far less so than in Pennsylvania. New York, Ohio, and California also have respectable concentrations of Molidors settled across their state.

Molidor’s are a fairly small clan, with an estimated 15,000 members in the United States. Although they are spread across the country, the vast majority reside in the northeast. Their population is not particularly dense for most states, meaning that the overall Molidor population will likely remain relatively small for some time.

Variations of the surname Molidor

Molidor is an uncommon surname of Germanic and French origin. The earliest references of this surname can be traced back to the 17th century Switzerland. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Molidor include Molitor, Mollitor, Moltor, Mollidor, Molitoris and Mulidor.

Molitor is a form of the surname Molidor which is derived from the Latin word "molitor", meaning miller. This variant is most common in the German-speaking regions and was first recorded in Switzerland in the late 1600s.

Mollitor is also a variant of the Molidor surname derived from "molitor". This spelling is found in both Germany and Switzerland. It was recorded in the late 1600s in the southern German city of Bamberg.

Moltor is a rare variation of Molidor. It is likely derived from a combination of "molitor" and "tor", which is an old Germanic word for a tower or mound of earth. This variant was first found in the city of Basel, Switzerland.

Mollidor is another variation of the Molidor surname. It is likely derived from the Latin word for miller, "molitor", combined with the French suffix "idor".

Molitoris is a German variant of the surname Molidor deriving from the Latin "molitor". It is first found in Zurich in the late 1600s.

Mulidor is a French variation of the surname Molidor which is derived from the Latin word for miller, "molitor". The earliest recorded instances of this surname were found in the early 1700s in Paris.

Overall, Molidor is an uncommon surname with few variants, spellings or surnames of the same origin. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Molidor include Molitor, Mollitor, Moltor, Mollidor, Molitoris and Mulidor.

Famous people with the name Molidor

  • Jennifer Molidor: an American academic in Feminist Animal Studies, and a published author of numerous books on animal rights topics.
  • August Molidor: American musician and producer.
  • David Molidor: noted sculptor and painter from the West Coast of the United States, with gallery showings in Paris and New York City.
  • Chris Molidor: former Major League Baseball catcher, who played from 1990-1997.
  • Stan Molidor: acclaimed author with six published historical fiction novels so far, and winner of the Barnes & Noble Booksellers Prize in 2006.
  • Robert Molidor: Former board member of various social networking companies and currently sits on the advisory board of the National Association of Social Networking.
  • Jenny Molidor: A Costa Rican artist and muralist, whose work is focused on the political issues of her country and beyond.
  • Victoria Molidor: a sought-after American violinist and composer, who plays with the National Symphony Orchestra and has been featured in the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Mark Molidor: an American film and television composer, whose credits include the Emmy-nominated miniseries "Earth 2," as well as various documentary and feature films.
  • Jimmy Molidor: A former professional hockey player, who went on to become a highly successful coach in the Junior Hockey League.

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