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Surname Moorefield - Meaning and Origin

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Moorefield: What does the surname Moorefield mean?

Moorefield is an English surname from the Anglo-Saxon era. It is believed to originate from a place name, derived from a combination of the Old English words ‘mor’ (moor, marsh, boggy meadow) and ‘feld’ (field). It is likely that the name referred to a person who lived at or near such a place. It may have referred particularly to a person who lived near a marsh-like clearing in a forest or wood, where the meadow was particularly marshy or boggy.

The name may also have been used as a location name to indicate where a particular event took place. For instance, in the Middle Ages a Moorefield may have been the site of a battle or tournament.

It is possible that the word ‘Moorefield’ actually means ‘moor field’ or ‘marshy field’, implying the presence of a marshy area in the vicinity. This could be significant in terms of the history and development of a particular region.

In addition to the literal meaning of the name –a marshy field– it may also have been used as a metaphor for certain kinds of hardiness and resilience. For instance, a person bearing this surname may have been known to have the endurance and resolve to withstand difficult circumstances.

Overall, the last name Moorefield holds a rich history of its own and can represent a range of meanings, both literal and metaphorical.

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Moorefield: Where does the name Moorefield come from?

The last name Moorefield is commonly found in the United States and Canada, as well as parts of Europe. In the United States, Moorefield is mostly found in New England, particularly in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is also found throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Illinois and Ohio also have large concentrations of the name.

In Canada, the name is sparsely distributed throughout the Maritime Provinces, and is most prevalent in Ontario. To a lesser degree, it is also found scattered throughout the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia. Outside of North America, Moorefield can be found primarily in the United Kingdom, with a notable presence in Ireland and Scotland. It is also present in smaller quantities in Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of central and northern Europe.

In the United States, the name Moorefield ranks around 1,072 in terms of popularity, while in Canada it is slightly higher at 922.

Variations of the surname Moorefield

Moorefield is a surname with a few variants and spellings as well as a few surnames deriving from the same origin. One spelling of Moorefield is Morefield. This variant of the name is thought to have originated in Scotland, where many variations of the name Moorefield are found. Other variants of the name include Moorefeld, Morefeld, Morefild, Moorefild, Morefield, Moorefilde, Morefeeld and Morefyld.

The surnames Moore, More and Moor are thought to derive from the same origin as Moorefield. The surname Moore comes from an Old English word meaning ‘one who lived by a moor’. The surname More is derived from the Old French word ‘maur’, which means ‘dark-haired’. Finally, Moor is derived from the Old French word ‘maur’, but also from the Middle English word ‘moor’, which means ‘swamp, moorland or bog’.

All of these surnames likely originated in the British Isles, with many of them being associated with particular areas in Ireland, England and Scotland. It’s thought that the various spellings of Moorefield were coined centuries ago, with some being more popular than others. Some of the variants associated with the Moorefield surname have been seen in more recent history, but still today, the most commonly seen spelling is simply ‘Moorefield’.

Famous people with the name Moorefield

  • Scott Moorefield: Professional Tennis Player
  • Margaret Moorefield: British singer-songwriter
  • Dan Moorefield: Australian-born actor
  • Rodney Moorefield: American television producer
  • Dr. Dorothy Moorefield: American educational researcher
  • Adelaide Moorefield: Canadian politician and lawyer
  • Paul Moorefield: British stage and film actor
  • Herman Moorefield: American lawyer and banker
  • Mike Moorefield: American football player
  • Jim Moorefield: American film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Madeline Moorefield: British television and film actress
  • Matthew Moorefield: American philanthropist
  • Robert Moorefield: British landscape artist
  • Justin Moorefield: English actor
  • Shon Moorefield: American basketball player
  • Corey Moorefield: American football player
  • Will Moorefield: American football coach
  • Elaine Moorefield: English actress
  • Tommy Moorefield: American professional golfer
  • Wayne Moorefield: Canadian hockey player

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