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Surname Moorland - Meaning and Origin

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Moorland: What does the surname Moorland mean?

The surname Moorland is topographic, meaning it is derived from the type of terrain or feature of the land where the original bearer of the name lived or owned property. Moorland is of English origin from Old English 'mor' which translates as 'marsh' or 'fen' and 'land'. Therefore, Moorland may indicate that the person lived near a tract of open uncultivated upland, typically covered with heather or a piece of boggy ground. Surnames based on locations were typically given to the lord of the manor or owners of the land, and could also have been given to individuals who left their original homes and moved to another region, as a way to identify them. The English terms "moor" or "moorland" are generally used to refer to highland and high rainfall zones, however, many of the moorlands in these areas are effectively treeless due to excessive cultivation or grazing. Each individual bearer of the surname Moorland may trace their roots back to different landscapes that once held this name across England.

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Moorland: Where does the name Moorland come from?

The last name Moorland is most common in the United Kingdom today. In England, it is established in the regions of Lancashire and Westmorland, with concentrations along the western fringe of the Pennines and near the east coast of Northern England.

Moorland is also found in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, most notably in the counties of Cumbria, Aberdeenshire, North Yorkshire, and the Isle of Man.

Other nations including Canada, Ireland, the United States, and, to a lesser degree, Australia, also host descendants of the Moorland surname.

The history of the surname dates back to as early as the 11th century, when families from the Scottish Borders originally adopted the name. It is thought to be a habitational descriptor referring to people who lived on the border or areas of moorland.

The word "moor," as it is related to the last name Moorland, stems from the old English "mor" meaning "marsh" or "swamp." The name could also be a reference to people who lived in remote locations such as moors and mountains.

The surname Moorland continues to be quite popular in the United Kingdom, providing fascinating insight into the geology and history of this region.

Variations of the surname Moorland

The surname Moorland is derived from the Old English 'mor', meaning moor, plus the suffix '-land, meaning land. Thus, the name Moorland literally means land on or near a moor. This surname is a topographic name for someone who lived near a moor or a variant of morel, which denotes someone from Morel, in Normandy, France.

Variants of the surname Moorland include Moreland, Mooreland and Moerland. Some spellings of the name can also be Mooerland, Morland and Moorlin.

Surnames with similar origins include Morell, Morrell, Morrill, Mornel, and Mowbray. The surname Morland is also synonymous with such surnames as 'Moorman', 'Moorhouse', and 'Moorcroft'.

French spelled versions of Moorland include Maurelande, Maulon, and Morillon. However, Olhouser suggests that some instances of these names were derived from the Germanic name 'Maur', which in turn comes from the Old High German 'maulo', meaning 'servant'.

Some Irish adaptations of the Moorland name can include Marland, Morelin, Moreland, Morland, Morlin, and Morrin. In Scotland, the name might appear as Morelan, Moorlin, Moorland, and Moorlen.

Surnames sharing similar Coat of Arms include Morland, Moreland, Mooreland, and Moerland. The oldest known record of any of these variants is Matilda de Morland who was recorded in the Pipe Rolls from Yorkshire in 1176.

In conclusion, there are many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Moorland, due to the origin and adaptability of the surname over time.

Famous people with the name Moorland

  • Alan Moorland: former Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations.
  • Lenny Moorland: NFL player for the Buffalo Bills.
  • Dan Moorland: former MLB pitcher.
  • Devon Moorland: singer of Scottish and Irish origin.
  • William Moorland: British royalist politician during the Civil War.
  • Michael Moorland: Emmy-nominated film and television producer.
  • Lovell Moorland: Jamaican- American soldier who received the Purple Heart in World War II.
  • Anne Moorland: British artist and painter, wife of Nobel Prize–winning economist Friedrich Hayek.
  • Brian Moorland: American actor who appeared on Broadway, television and movies.
  • Victoria Moorland: English travel writer and art historian.

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