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Surname Morcinczyk - Meaning and Origin

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Morcinczyk: What does the surname Morcinczyk mean?

The surname Morcinczyk is an aristocratic one, originating in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 16th and 17th centuries, and is still widely found in Poland today. The Polish and Lithuanian words encompassing this name roughly translate to "son of Marcin," with Marcin being a common given name in both countries. The prefix “Mor” is derived from the Polish word “Morze” meaning “merchant”, so it can be assumed that the bearer of the name may well have traveled and traded in goods throughout the Commonwealth. The second element of the name, “cinczyk”, derives from the Lithuanian word “cinkas”, meaning “gold”, so it is possible that the family had amassed wealth through gold trading.

In modern times, Morcinczyk has become a popular surname in Poland, due to its association with nobility and wealth. It remains an aristocratic name, carrying connotations of power and grandeur. The family of the same name is reputed to have a lengthy and distinguished family tree, and its members may be found in the upper echelons of Polish high society.

The name remains common today, a testament to its history as a proud and distinguished surname. It is a reminder of the rich past of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the enduring legacy of the Morcinczyk family.

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Morcinczyk: Where does the name Morcinczyk come from?

The last name Morcinczyk is commonly found in many parts of Europe, particularly in Poland. Since the name originated in Poland, its highest concentration can still be found in the country, with more than 3,000 occurrences recorded in recent years. However, the last name is also quite popular throughout other parts of Europe, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine.

In the United States, Morcinczyk is much less common but still present. There were about 500 occurrences recorded in 2019 according to the US Census Bureau, which is a significant increase from previous years. This growth suggests that more people with the last name Morcinczyk are immigrating to the US. Although the name can be found in various states, it is concentrated mainly in large cities such as New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

Outside of Europe and the United States, Morcinczyk is quite uncommon. Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil have seen a few occurrences in recent years but not enough to form a significant population. As a result, it appears the last name Morcinczyk is mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States.

Variations of the surname Morcinczyk

The surname Morcinczyk is found most commonly in Poland, where it is derived from a root meaning “son of Morcinek.” It may also refer to a location in Poland where descendants of the surname are found. Variations of the surname include Mroczczyk, Mrocziewicz, Mroczynska, and Mrociński; the M-prefix being the Polish version of the surname. All of the spellings variations derive from the same basis, and are thought to have originated as an occupational name derived from the Polish word mroć meaning "to soot up."

The geographical spread of the name often depends on the local language and dialect. Variations of the name relate to connecting the name to a more local language, such as Mroczkowska (Polish) and Mroczkowski (Silesian), or simply the use of the letter ‘c’ instead of the letter ‘ć’ in the pronunciation and spelling. The later often occurs with Mroczcinski, Mroczczynski, Mroczynski and Mroczkowski all being found in Silesia, which is a region in present-day Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The surname Morcinczyk can also be found in records of immigrants, mostly in United States records, under the variants: Morczynski, Mrocznski, Mrocznsky, Mrochentzy, Mrozczynski, Mrozusky, and Murdzinsky.

Today, the surname Morcinczyk is found in Poland, the United States, Canada, and Brazil. While the exact origin of the name has yet to be determined, it is clear that the surname has a strong connection with the region of Silesia as well as a root derived from the Polish word mroć.

Famous people with the name Morcinczyk

  • Zygmunt Morcinczyk: a Polish-Jewish poet, writer, journalist, and translator.
  • Ewa Morcinczyk: an Austrian TV and theater actress.
  • Karol Morcinczyk: a Polish mountain guide and mountaineer.
  • Zuzanna Morcinczyk: a Polish model and television personality.
  • Maciej Morcinczyk: a Polish politician from the Civic Platform.
  • Krystian Morcinczyk: a Polish composer and record producer.
  • Stanislaw Morcinczyk: a Polish professional football player and coach.
  • Akos Morcinczyk: a master sculptor from the city of Pabianice in Poland.
  • Rafal Morcinczyk: a musician and choir director of the Kalisz District Boys’ and Girls’ Choir in Poland.
  • Jacek Morcinczyk: a renowned Polish film director and writer.

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