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Surname Moredeck - Meaning and Origin

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Moredeck: What does the surname Moredeck mean?

The surname Moredeck appears to be quite rare and its origins are not well-documented or readily available in general surname databases. It's possible that it could be a variation of some other surname, perhaps of Germanic, Polish, or Eastern European origin. Sometimes, surnames can be altered due to the migration of families, or because of transcription errors in records. The meaning of "Moredeck" is therefore uncertain without more specific historical and genealogical information. It's advisable to turn to a professional genealogist or to conduct intensive individual research in order to fetch more accurate information about the specific origin and meaning of this rare surname.

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Moredeck: Where does the name Moredeck come from?

The surname Moredeck is a fairly uncommon name, but it can still be found in locations around the globe.

In the United States, it is most commonly found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there were a total of 57 individuals with the last name residing in the United States, with 39 of them living in Pennsylvania and 18 in New Jersey.

The surname has also been found in Germany, where it is thought to be of German origin. One source stated that there were up to 200 Moredecks living in the Akense district of Germany in the 1900s.

In addition, the surname can also be found in the United Kingdom. Records have been found of Moredecks living in the London area as far back as the 17th century.

The surname also appears to have an international presence. People with the surname have been found to be living in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. There are also Moredecks living in India, with many of them being South Asian Christians.

Overall, the last name Moredeck is not overly common today, but can still be found in both the United States and other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Moredeck

Moredeck is a surname originally from Germany. Variations of the name include Moredeck, Moradek, Moradeck, and Moredecke. In German, the name is also spelled as Moredecker, Moradecker, and Moredacker. In Poland, the name is also sometimes spelled as Motreczek, Motredeczka, and Motredeczky.

The name has also undergone various changes in spelling due to its presence in several other countries across Europe and the world. In Austria, the name is sometimes spelled as Muradeck, Miradeck, and Muradecker. These spellings are also found in the Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

In England and Wales, Moredeck can be found as Mordue or Mortean, while in Scotland, the name is often spelled as Mordich or Mortick. In France, it is spelled Mordecche, Mortelli, and Mortelle. In Spain, Moredeck is also found as Mordega, Mordego, and Mordek.

In North America, the spelling has been adapted to fit the English language, so Moredeck is sometimes spelled as Mardick, Mordick, Mardik, or Mordyck. Finally, in Australia, the name has been anglicized to Morton.

Famous people with the name Moredeck

  • Sammy Moredeck: Sammy Moredeck is a Youtuber and TikTok celebrity most famous for his prank videos and comedic content.
  • Irene Moredeck: Irene Moore-Deck is an entrepreneur and businesswoman from California. She is the founder of the lifestyle brand Studio 621.
  • Alexandria Moredeck: Alexandria Moredeck is a singer and songwriter from the United States. She is best known for her emotional and reflective pop music.
  • Kyle Moredeck: Kyle Moredeck is an American professional wrestler known by his ring name, "K.M.D". He is best known for his work in World Class Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Jeff Moredeck: Jeff Moredeck is an American aerospace employee from the Boeing 777X Aircraft Program. He is known for his contributions to the aviation and aerospace industry.
  • Anton Moredeck: Anton Moredeck is an actor known for his roles in television and film productions including the television series “Sons of Anarchy” and the film “American Honey.”
  • Armando Moredeck: Armando Moredeck is an American medical doctor and surgeon. He is the former Chief Medical Officer at the Comprehensive Wound Care Center and has also served as a professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Robert Moredeck: Robert Moredeck is an entrepreneur who has made numerous investments in the technology industry. Currently he founded the property-management firm GetYerRent.

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