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Surname Moredock - Meaning and Origin

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Moredock: What does the surname Moredock mean?

The surname Moredock does not have a specific meaning that can be traced back to a certain language or culture. It appears to be quite uncommon and does not show up in common databases of surname meanings. Its origin is not easily identified, suggesting it may have been uniquely created or significantly altered throughout generations. It could possibly be a variation of another surname or potentially a derivative of a location, occupation, or ancestral given name, as is common with many surnames. In Herman Melville's novel "The Confidence-Man", John Moredock is a fierce character who seeks revenge for his mother's death, but this fictional character does not provide any authentic information about the surname. It is always possible that the name carries a unique or personal significance within individual families, but publicly available information about the surname Moredock does not provide a clear or specific meaning.

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Moredock: Where does the name Moredock come from?

The last name Moredock is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the Midwestern and Southern states. Moredock has also been found in other countries such as France, Canada, Mexico, and Australia due to family migration patterns.

In the U.S., Moredock is most prevalent in Indiana and Ohio, followed by Illinois and Iowa. It is believed that the Moredock family has origins from French settlers who arrived in Indiana by the mid-1700s. The most concentration of Moredocks have been found in the cities of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Cincinnati, but the name is also scattered throughout the Midwest and South.

Moredock is also an uncommon surname outside the United States. In France, the name is most commonly found in Aube, where there are at least three generations of the Moredock family. Canadian records list Moredock in Ontario, with the earliest documented Moredock arriving in 1835. In Mexico, the Moredock name has been found in Chihuahua, and in Australia, there have been records of the Moredock name in Victoria in the 1800’s.

In recent years, research has shown that the last name Moredock is still prevalent in the United States, including Midwestern and Southern states. There is also evidence of Moredock families having migrated to other countries, suggesting that the name is still quite active in the world today.

Variations of the surname Moredock

The surname Moredock is an extremely rare name that is found primarily in the United States. It is English in origin and believed to be a habitation name that derived from a place-name. Moredock is also spelled as Moredock, Mordock, Mordoch, Mordock, Mordach, and Moddock. It is sometimes found in records in the form of Mordock, Moredduck, and Modduck.

Variants of the Moredock surname include Mordock, Moredduck, Modduck, Mordechai, Mordach, Mordok, Mordech, Mordachai, and Mordokai. These variants are all derived from the same Old English root, “mor”, meaning “marsh”. This suggests the surname is likely derived from a now-extinct place-name or location near a marshy area, such as a wetland or a bog.

Different branches of the Moredock family can be found across the United States in a variety of locations. Possible spellings of the surname Moredock can be found in records dating back to the 1600s. Some families that have the same surname have also adopted French spellings, such as Mordoch, which is a version of the French word “mordache”, meaning “biting” or “storming”.

Other notable variations of Moredock include Mordachai, which is a combination of Tanakh origins. It can also be found in the spellings Mordok and Mordokai, which may be from the biblical location Magdala.

Overall, the Moredock surname is derived from English origins and is a habitation name. Common spelling variations include Moredock, Mordock, Mordoch, Mordock, Mordach, Moddock, Mordechai, Mordachai, and Mordokai. Other spellings include Moredduck, Modduck, Mordech, Mordochai, and Mordok.

Famous people with the name Moredock

  • Zac Moredock: American actor best known for his role as Eddie Wilson in the 2016 film Pay the Ghost.
  • Gene Eugene Moredock: American Major League Baseball catcher who played from 1900 to 1901 for the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Beaneaters.
  • Daniel Moredock: member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1892 to 1896.
  • Bill Moredock: American soccer goalkeeper who played one season for the Cleveland Cobras in 1973.
  • Thomas Moredock: American soldier who served as Colonel of the 2nd Illinois Infantry and Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War.
  • Stan Moredock: American professional basketball player who played for the National Basketball League's Anderson Packers from 1948 to 1949.
  • Ed Moredock: American politician who served as the President of the Indiana Senate from 1881 to 1883.
  • Somerset Pierre Moredock: American officer in the United States Navy who served during World War I and World War II.
  • Brian Moredock: American musician, composer, singer, and songwriter best known for his work in the alternative rock and folk genres.
  • Pema Moredock: American artist, poet and musician based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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