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Surname Morefield - Meaning and Origin

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Morefield: What does the surname Morefield mean?

The last name Morefield has origins in the German language and is derived from the words ‘mor’, meaning ‘mud’, and ‘feld’, meaning ‘field’. The literal translation is ‘mud field’, which implies a place or area located in land or terrain that is composed of mud. This type of land is usually very nutrient-rich and was often used by early settlers to grow crops.

In its later evolution from the German language, Morefield was adopted as an English surname and could be seen as more of an occupational surname. This means it would have most likely been adopted by people belonging to families of farmers and settlers who would have regularly worked the muddy soil and harvested its many nutrients. It could also be associated with a family who may have owned or rented a piece of property with mud-filled fields on it.

The name is still used in England, but is also popular in other parts of the world, including America, due to migration. The spelling of the name has changed in different countries, with some versions including Morefield, Morfield, Morefeld, and Morfeld. Regardless of the spelling, however, the ancestry remains the same and is a reminder for many to the roots of their family tree.

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Morefield: Where does the name Morefield come from?

The last name Morefield is most commonly found in the United States. According to an analysis performed by Forebears in 2020, the last name Morefield is observed in the United States more than anywhere else in the world with 4,842 total occurrences, representing 0.002% of the population.

The states with the highest concentration of Morefield's include Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Florida. These states have a concentration of Morefield’s that make up 0.004%, 0.003%, 0.003%, 0.002%, 0.002%, 0.002%, 0.002%, and 0.002% respectively. This is much higher than the national average of 0.002%.

Morefield’s can also be found in a few other countries including England, Scotland, Canada, and even Australia. However, the concentration in these countries is much lower than that in the United States.

The last name has been here in the United States for some time and prevalence of this family name appears to be growing. It appears that the majority of occurrences of this last name are found in the Southern United States, likely due to family migration patterns.

Variations of the surname Morefield

The surname Morefield has several variant spellings and surnames of the same origin, and these include Morefeeld, Morefelde, Morfild, Morfylde, Mourefield, Mowfield, Murfild, Murfyld, and Muryfyld.

The surname originated from the Old English words “mor” and “feld” which mean “marsh” and “field”, respectively. Morefield was typically a topographic name for someone who lived in an area of marshy land. In some cases it may also have been a habitational name from one of the various places called Morefield or Murfield scattered throughout the British Isles, most of which are named with the same elements as the surname.

Morefeeld is one of the most common variants of Morefield, and this particular spelling is believed to refer to a field or meadow bordering a marsh, fen, or moor. Morefelde was another popular variant, and this spelling may be a reference to someone lived in a grass field or to a field of a certain type of grass, such as rye or clover. The spelling Morfild is derived from the Old English “fild” which means “field”, and was a reference to a field of any type of vegetation.

The surnames Mourfield, Mowfield, Murfild, Murfyld, and Muryfyld are all regional variants of Morefield derived from the different dialects of Old English spoken in different parts of Britain. These spellings usually refer to a field used for growing and harvesting hay or other grasses.

Overall, Morefield is a relatively common surname found in many areas of the British Isles. Its multiple variant spellings and surnames of the same origin expand the genealogical possibilities for Morefield researchers.

Famous people with the name Morefield

  • Hayley Morefield: professional golfer
  • Annette Morefield: Olympic judoka
  • Jimmy Morefield: singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Rev. Bill Morefield: prominent Methodist clergyman
  • C.M. Morefield: former California state senator and jurist
  • Sonny Morefield: former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Bruce Morefield: professional golfer
  • Marjorie Morefield: former director of the first Los Angeles County Criminal Justice Planning Agency
  • G.B. Morefield: Co-Founder of Pumkin Pies
  • Janet Morefield: NASA astronaut

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Morefield, Jimmy sr.serry, daughter Morgan,son, Jimmy jr, daughter Halaina.
Lives N/E Tennessee Jimmy sr born 1111 1966
Son of Joseph Edward morefield,Hellen Mcguness

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